The Team's Base

The team’s base consists of two locations. The first is a facility located within the city itself, the top eight floors of One Centeral Plaza, a modern skyscraper with a nice view of the Detroit River. The floors being without tenants for some months after a tech firm had gone bankrupt before they could move in, the square footage was purchased at a very reasonable price under the name of Hephaestus Tech Solutions through a series of cut outs.


The walls, floors, and ceilings were all reinforced, as were the windows, which were also replaced with specially designed glass with several unique properties. Maggie’s own people fixed the place up without any knowledge of where they were the entire time; security was quite strict, with none of them being able to bring along with them any means of communication. Each working was even forced to wear virtual goggles that obscured any view of the outside. Many of them being workers from the moon and it’s harsh conditions, they found the project practically a vacation. To construct the base in a timely manner most of it was taken from prefabricated sections of other facilities from numerous construction projects, which explains the sometimes jarring change in style between sections. All of it is connected by a series of sterile white hallways.

On the technical side, the base (presumably) contains everything a super hero team would require to function. There are machine shops-



medical bay-


various laboratories-



and conference room-


In many ways the base’ hub is the kitchen-


which is connected to the conference room, the teleportation chamber-


and living quarters-


There are eight suites located off the central living area-



each one is equipped with their own bedroom, bathroom and living area totaling about six hundred square feet.

The base are on the top of the building so there is independent rooftop access (There is a helipad so there is also an alternative mode of ingress to the building that bypasses the base’ floors).

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The Team's Base

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