The Sentinels


The Sentinels are Science City’s official super hero team. Backed by the Mayor’s office, they work in conjunction with city, county, state and Federal law enforcement agencies. Here is a link to their base, the Stronghold.

Below are a couple items available to the team. This list will be expanded upon when necessary.

The S.A.N.D.

The S.A.N.D. (Synaptic Auditory Networking Device) is a secure communications system. Appearing much like a clear hearing aid, the SAND is worn in the ear and allows one to transmit their thoughts to others who are wearing a similar device that is calibrated to receive them. These thoughts are then translated into sound.

The range of the SAND device is unknown at this time as complete tests have not been conducted. They work over at least a twenty mile distance and are not affected by magical fields or material like tons of earth or concrete. According to Maggie Auger the SANDs are constructed in part of “synthetic brain tissue” although if she is being simplistic, hyperbolic, or deliberately misleading to protect the copyright it is unknown at this time.

Each SAND is calibrated for their wearer; no one else can use it. The SAND must periodically be given a protein “bath” for maintenance purposes. Without the bath the SAND will degrade and quickly break down. Here is what the SAND looks like.


Adapted from military machines, the air cycles a speedy airborne vehicles that are piloted by a single person and can carry one passenger. Since they are civilian models the mini gun has been replaced with a spotlight. The air cycle’s maximum altitude is 3,000 feet and it’s maximum speed is 250 mph. Here is what the cycles look like.

The Sentinels

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