The Scavengers



The Scavengers are a semi-legal operation who profits from scouring battlefields for hi-tech equipment. Their specialty is to scavenge former super powered battle sights, especially ones where known exotic gear was employed. Their methods are cut-throat and members are notoriously trigger happy.

An example of an altercation between The Scavengers and super humans took place in Vancouver around 2004. A contingent of The Scavengers were arrested in Vancouver after an altercation with the Neo Phyters. The Scavengers had employed illegal weapons to attack the young heroes at a salvage yard where a super battle between the ’Phyters and Technocracy had happened the night before. The young heroes managed to fight off The Scavengers, but like cockroaches the organization bounced back.

The Scavengers have an office in Science City, it is believed that they are active in the practice of industrial espionage and sabotage, but thusfar allegations have not evolved into concrete proof.

The Scavengers

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