The Rules

Every game has ’em, these are the rules for the game:

1. This is an PG-13 to R-rated game, that means there will be harsh language, violence and perhaps a little sexual content, although nothing of a graphic nature. Anything that might get more graphic should instead fade to black. The GM is not a prude, he just feels that not everyone is comfortable with excessive sex in a game and everyone should respect that.

2. Refrain from Playing God. Some campaigns allow this, but in this one the player writes only their own character, and in some cases NPCs.

3. Consistently failing to maintain game momentum may result in a player being evicted. The GM is aware players have lives and responsibilities so he is not expecting daily posts. If it looks like real life is going to be getting in the way of playing for a bit please be courteous and let the GM know. Details are not necessary; the players are entitled to their privacy.

4. Players may take a leave of absence. If this happens the GM is entitled to run the player’s character as he sees fit. The GM is aware this is not his character, and he will treat said character with respect, meaning said character will not suddenly become canon fodder or something equally bad might happen.

5. Do not kill any player characters!


Players will write in a narrative, past tense format. He does not need excessive symbols to determine whether or not they are speaking to themselves or aloud, but proper use of these "" would be nice.

The game will be using an “action/reaction” format, meaning that the player should not single-handedly win a battle. The player character performs an action and the GM informs them what happens as a result.

When you speak out of character post the paragraph and/or sentence with an “OOC:” so we know it. When you begin writing in character post a “IC:” first.

The Rules

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