Sisters of Sorcery

The Sisters of Sorcery are a team of super villains whose origins appear to be magical in nature. The four members attacked a bank in the Tokyo West district. They were stopped by a collection of super heroes as well as police officer Betsy Ukita. All are currently in police custody.

Atramentous Aries is a woman with goat-like legs as well as ram-like horns sprouting from her head. She possesses a lower level of “super strength” and is very durable. Her favorite tactic appears to be charging an opponent and ramming them with her head.

Obscura appears to possess dark-themed powers. It was seen that she could create tentacles from darkness, and she may have other abilities of a similar nature.

Snow Flower is an almost elfen looking woman with the ability to manipulate cold and generate ice in both offensive and defensive effects.

Mystifica is a woman whose appearance seems to be at least in part inspired by the 1960s hippies movement. So far she has exhibited the ability to cast very convincing illusions and the ability to mess with equilibrium of individuals.

Here are images of the four members.

Sisters of Sorcery

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