Sentinels Stronghold


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Formerly known as Southfield Plaza, the building now known as Sentinels Stronghold was constructed in 1974 in the wake of the Styf attack on Detroit as billions of dollars were invested in the Metro Detroit Area. While it was originally designed for office, retail and restaurant space starting in 2014 suites were slowly purchased by a series of corporations that turned out to be subsidiaries of Awesome Industries. In 2017 AI bought the building outright as well as other properties as various corporations fled the city in the wake of The Event, many at a fraction of their actual value. Over the next three years Awesome Industries invested in reinforcing the structure through a series of standard and exotic means. The windows are constructed of aluminium oxynitride, also known as "transparent aluminum, which is highly bullet resistant. They are also treated with a reflective coating to create a mirror like finish the prevents people from seeing what is going on inside. This is unlike the traditional one way mirrors often used by police in that the finish works even if there is more light coming in from the building’s interior. While the exterior is concrete the interior has been reinforced with highly durable and lightweight materials. Sentinels Stronghold is arguably the most robust skyscraper in Science City. As an ideal security feature there are no other buildings within a half mile radius of the skyscraper.

The Stronghold stands 363 feet without the antenna spire, it has twenty five floors. The total square footage of the facility including the small underground garage is 520,000 square feet, which averages 20,000 square feet per floor. The base has been hardened against EMPs.

Sentinel Stronghold is equipped with state of the art security measures. When teleporters are used the levels they are on go into “soft lockdown” mode until the users are verified as authorized personnel. Sensor systems determine the proper number of personnel on hand at all times; if one or more moving bodies are detected silent alarms are sounded. As for counter measures, the base is equipped with tear gas dispensers, ultrasonic “shriekers” and disorienting LED lights. Security can also shut off lights in any part of the facility, giving them a potential advantage when using night vision optical gear. Security can lock any doors and generate taser-level jolts through knobs. While many of these features would not deter powerful “super villains” they can prove most effective against mundane threats. Security cameras are located both within and without, with special algorithms designed to look for suspicious activity, the security staff also employ a legion of innocuous drones equipped with cameras.

The base has been outfitted with a series of magical wards and charms, especially against the undead. Creatures such as vampires find being within close proximity of the place grossly uncomfortable and if any were to actually step into the premises would feel excruciating pain. The enchantments were performed by elves supervised by Goodfellow before he departed. Further wards were then placed at key points by The Adjudicator to guard against sneaky elves.

The staff consists of dozens of cleaning robots of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they are built to be deliberately “dumb” and and fragile to avoid them being turned against heroes or staff. Their maintenance is handled by a human staff of Awesome Industries employees that are rotated in and out on a regular basis. A security staff of fifteen men and women are on hand at all times, they too are frequently replaced save for Aleta Hernandez, the base’ chief of security

Sub basement: consisting principally of a small underground garage, the sub basement also has an emergency exit, a tunnel that leads several miles away to a small tenement owned by Awesome Industries. Due to the paranoid mind of The Adjudicator this tunnel contains several “go bags”, duffel bags full of several thousand in cash, changes in clothing and burner phones in the (highly) unlikely event the team has to go dark for a short period of time

Level 1: The front doors open up to a lobby, off of it is a press conference room as well as a small museum focusing on the subject of super heroes and their place in the history of Detroit, Motor City and Science City. Across from that is the new Comic Bunker, a store selling comics, super heroic apparel and a wide assortment of pop culture products as well as a wide assortment of board games. Run by Shelly Ebner, rumor has it the place is protected by potent magical wards. The entrance to the underground garage is in the rear and is only accessible from the outside, it consists of a retractable ramp the lowers down to the level below.

Level 2: This level contains the security staff’s dining room and kitchen as well as the monitor room where feeds from the base’s various drones and cameras are delivered. There is also the adjoining internet security room where a computer expert is on hand, sifting through any potentially useful and relevant information regarding the team and "super crime. On this level too is the security team’s armory.

Level 3: While not as well appointed as the team’s suites, the staff quarters are nevertheless comfortable. Here too is the security team’s debriefing room and rec room, although a standing rule is access to the game rooms and arcades above are open to staff as well as supes.

Level 4-6: Level four contains the support systems for the swimming pool above, namely the heating and filtration mechanisms, it is also where the deeper part of the “L” shaped pool is found. The elevator does not stop here and it is only accessible via a door on level five. Level five contains the pool proper, which is twenty five meters long and has five lanes. The pool is “L” shaped, with the long section being two meters in depth and the shorter outlaying part bottoming out to three meters, with a one meter and two meter diving board. Level five also has a whirlpool and an “endless lap” swimming pool. Level six contains an observation deck which looks down at the pool area.

Level 7: Here can be found the gymnasium, dojo, running track, locker rooms, sauna, showers and toilets. A staircase leads down from the locker room area to the pool below, and to the training room above.

Level 8-10: The team’s training room dominates three stories, it can be configured to present team members with a wide variety of dangerous scenarios. The environment can be modified in regards to temperature and humidity and realistic holograms can be generated. Even the gravity can be reduced to zero-g. Combat robots can be outfitted with all manner of offensive weaponry, including strength augmenting exo-skeletons. All training can be monitored and managed by a control booth in the uppermost level.

Level 11: Above the training room can be found emergency generators as well as the principle water heaters and industrial strength filters, as well as the building’s environmental controls, as near the building center was considered the safest place for such key equipment. An emergency water supply is also found here as well as the laundry room.

Level 12: This floor contains a theater that can seat fifty as well as a dance studio. Walls can be removed as well as seats to convert the entire floor into a massive meeting place or dance club, if one is so inclined to use it as such.

Level 13: Here can be found the team’s principle conference room, as well as a large kitchen, dining room and office space for team members and staff who need it. This level also contains the communications room, which has a encrypted line to every city police precinct and access to 911, the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs and the Mayor’s office, a powerful array that allows a direct line to lunar facilities as well as shortwave and citizen’s band radios. The communications room also has access to every traffic and police camera in the city as well as feeds from all its drones. Feeds from the base’s cameras and drones can also be accessed here.

Level 14: This floor contains the arcade, which holds a host of both classic and modern arcade games. The adjoining game room which contains a pool table, dart board and a huge selection of board games. There is also a two lane bowling alley.

Level 15: The library. Housing a massive array of reference materials covering a wide assortment of subjects, the library also contains contains extensive tomes covering the history of Detroit through its different incarnations, amazingly detailed maps of the region as well as the best charted maps of the city’s underground. Access to newspapers and magazines dating back centuries is also possible here. The library also has a vast array of books, from heady historical texts to trashy paperback novels. There are plenty of secluded nooks for an avid reader to crawl into so they may read in private, and the entire floor was constructed with sound suppressing materials.

Level 16: Living quarters. There are numerous suites on this floor, each one containing a well appointed bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining nook and living room. Each has been configured to suit the tastes of the team member. There are also plenty of unused suites for guests.

Fletcher Gibson (aka The Adjudicator) has a private recording studio attached to his suite as well as a limited use personal teleporter that allows him to ’port from his quarters directly to a secret bunker at Allard Industries.

Level 17: Principally used for general storage (i.e. furniture), this level also holds the, magic workshop and library, which unlike other facilities are actually hidden, the exact location only known to team members.

Level 18: Here is found the shooting range, ballistics lab and gun work shop as well as a small arsenal of weapons kept under lock and key.

Level 19: The most physically robust level, it is home to the holding cells, interrogation room, temporary evidence room, and vault.

Level 20: This floor contains the pathology lab, biochemistry lab, medical examination room, operating theater, isolation room, pharmacy, a set of showers, and an auxiliary teleportation chamber in the event a patient needs to be directly teleported to or from Gateway Memorial.

Level 21: Here can be found the server room, robotics lab, physics lab, and computer science lab, where computer components can be examined in a secure environment

Level 22: This level contains the electronics lab, the chemistry lab, and drone work shop. There is also empty space to set up other labs as needed.

Level 23: This floor is taken up primarily by the hydraulic elevators that allow things to be moved from level twenty five to level twenty four. There is also storage space for various parts and raw material

Level 24: Machine shops. On this level can be found extensive facilities that allow repair and construction from the mundane to the exotic. Here can also be found industrial grade 3D printers/fabricators.

Level 25: The hangar deck is an enclosed area where the sky cycles are housed as well as a police issue flying car and a larger flying transport. Here too is one of the base’s two teleporters, this one being large enough to move the vehicles to other parts of the city in the event flying from the top floor of the base seems unsafe…or more unsafe than normal. Professional mechanic level tool kits are available as are mobile cranes to facilitate moving the vehicles, but elevators allow the cycles and air cars to be lowered to level 24.

The rooftop contains a helipad, with a staircase that lead down the level 25.

Sentinels Stronghold

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