MacLaren Isle

Located on a remote, rocky island off the coast of Scotland, MacLaren Isle had originally been used by “Laird” Dugal MacLaren as a base of operations for his piracy operations. Dugal had been the scourge of the Scottish coast and often fled to his island base for protection where his large, imposing castle sheltered him. Ultimately the Laird was slain at sea and his castle was abandoned. Many years later the island was used by the British Army as a training base to toughen troops for harsh environmental conditions. After World War II the base was shut down. When the rise in paranormal crime grew during the sixties the British government decided to turn the island into a prison to house criminals with super powers. The base and castle both were incorporated into the new facility’s plans, making it an unusual looking facility to say the least. Today MacLaren Isle is considered one of the world’s foremost paranormal holding facilities, with durable and versatile holding cells that can be reconfigured to house a variety of criminals.

MacLaren Isle is also used to sometimes house other sorts of prisoners as well. Several prominent IRA members are still housed at MacLaren Isle, men and women who staged daring escapes from conventional prisons. Several members of the faey community are also housed here after nasty run-ins with Storm Guard. Sometimes European law enforcement agencies, faced with criminals they are ill-equipped to deal with, will request to have them housed at MacLaren Isle. These requests are usually honored, provided said governments are willing to help foot the bill.

MacLaren Isle’s guards are among the best trained and well armed men and women in the world. They are equipped with cutting edge weapons and body armor as well as the latest in sensory gear. They are chosen from among various branches of the British military, intelligence agencies and law enforcement divisions as well as the British correctional system. Training is rigorous both physically and psychologically as guards are faced with the prospect of being trapped on an island full of criminals who possess tremendous power. Qualifying for a post on MacLaren Isle is considered an honor in many circles and a special MacLaren Isle service pin has been created for the military. There is also the infamous “I survived MacLaren Isle” t-shirt proudly worn by guards past and present.

In recent years MacLaren Isle guards have considered themselves fortunate that there have been no fatalities. The attribute this in equal parts excellent training, earning the fear and respect of the inmates (there has not been a reported incident of a guard abusing a prisoner on the island in decades) and a modicum of luck.

Among MacLaren Isle’s most (in)famous past and present are:

Kopper and Krome: Male and female bricks, the farther apart they are the weaker they get. On MacLaren Isle they are kept at opposite ends of the facility, making them near-human level. When both are well behaved they are allowed conjucal visits.

Cybertooth: A cybernetic criminal whose body is rife with hi-technology, most of his systems have been severely powered down. Over the years many of his more dangerous devices have been surgically removed but his attorneys have managed to prevent a complete removal citing a quality of life issue.

Veshuthru, Prince of Bones: Originally thought to be and insane necromancer, it turned out Veshuthru is one of the four deadliest beings in the galaxy. He is currently at large.

Wardance: Super natural martial artist

Andrea Corrigan, aka Indigo: Part of the infamous Corrigan clan, a group of paranormal thieves, she was released on parole and is rumored to have taken up with her clan in the family business once again.

The Haze: Son of Purple Haze, can create hallucinogenic effects accompanied by a lavender haze.

Max Force: Mutant who generates tremendous internal power, created a suit of armor to help him channel it. Without a special outlet he is pretty much powerless.

The Alternative Man: Man with the ability to shift between dimensions and to violate the local laws of physics. He is kept on a steady diet of antipsychotics to keep him in check.

The Atomic Punk: Former member of Heavy Metal, can fire devastating bolts of force, can propel himself through the air like a cannon, is very resilient. Also mildly radioactive.

Elastica: Stretching female super villain.
The Murder of Crows

Oriflamme: Former member of Bio War (which means former team mate of Megalith) flame-wielding villain.

Bio Hazard: One of Lord Dread’s minions, the only one in custody, he produces a dangerous disease through skin touch. During the last jail break he killed seven guards with a virulent plague.

MacLaren Isle

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