Lord Dread

No one knew who, or what, he was. Some have speculated he was an alien trapped on Earth, others that he was from the future and trapped in the present. Later some speculated he wass an advance scout for the Tandian invasion force. All that is known is Lord Dread lived to fulfill his own aims, that of world domination, to force the peoples of the world to submit to his dark rule.

His first appearance as General Dread was in 1965 when working for the North Vietnamese he clashed with American troops. His advanced weaponry proved quite effective against United States Marines and hundreds were slain. Dread disappeared before High Justice could intervene. Later that year he fought for Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistan war and once more his weaponry proved frightfully potent, and once again he fled the field before metahuman forces could be mobilized to stop him. Still later, employing a weather machine of his own design, Dread created a plague of tornadoes across the United States’ midwest. Dread then attempted to destroy the Gemini 5 spacecraft, but he was thwarted by the American heroine Guardian Angel. This setback barely slowed Dread down and he spent the following several years waging a war of terror across the planet. High Justice and the other heroes of the age could not capture him, only thwart him.

In 1971 Dread conquered the island of Corsica and employed a nuclear bomb as blackmail to prevent anyone from trying to evict him. Dread then settled down as the island’s dictator, ruling with a harsh code of justice. Over the years embargoes and blockades were employed to put pressure on him to relent, but Dread was entrenched firmly on his island. Super villains came to him for asylum, criminals used his banks to launder money, and rogue nations came to him to purchase advanced weaponry.

Over the years Dread made attempts to conquer the world, but every time had been met with defeat. Eventually cancer led him to enact one last grab at glory and in 2008 he attempted to destroy the Starscraper and all upon it, but his plans were thwarted by the Vindicators. Dread quietly succumbed to his illness and died, his body found by Vindicators that arrived on the island to arrest him.

APPEARANCE: Dread’s armors changed over time but some details remained consistent; they were always silver and black in color and the front of the helmet was black, and he often wore a red cape.

PERSONALITY: Dread was a megalomaniac who only cared about himself and his personal goals, or at least that is how it seemed. During the Styf attack he lent his aid to fight off the invaders, but that could have simply been him protecting what he viewed as his planet. Dread was interested in science and technology and often he had collaborated with science villains.

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Dread possessed no power other than a frightfully powerful intellect. He was a master of numerous scientific and engineering disciplines and also seemed to be a master geneticist. He was an effective military commander as well, and he also possessed a dark charisma that allowed him to gather around him powerful paranormals willing to do heinous acts to forward his agenda.

Dread’s ability to fight numerous heroes simultaneously to a stand still was legendary. It was not just the power of his weaponry but also his tactical acumen at play.

EQUIPMENT: Dread’s arsenal was legendarily vast and diverse. He had everything from advanced ordnance to weather controlling machines, to biological warfare agents. Dread had always worn suits of hi-tech armor that afforded him considerable protection as well as the ability to fly and to enhance his physical strength. Over time the armor had become more streamlined and powerful, and more and more devices incorporated into them.

MINIONS: Lord Dread employed hundreds of foot soldiers who, when not assaulting some target world wide, acted as a police force. Members of the army were well trained and well armed, and are almost to a man ruthless in their desire to carry out Dread’s will.

Dread’s most lethal minions were known as the Hand of Dread. The line up had changed over the years as members had been incarcerated, quit under a cloud or have been executed by Dread for failure. They were among the most dangerous and powerful criminals on the planet and even the likes of The Albinio Crime Sindicate and International Solutions gave them grudging respect.

Another group associated with Dread was Legacy, which consisted of young metahumans who had some sort of relation to past heroes and villains. Many members of Legacy later became members of Dread’s Hand.

A master of robotics, Dread had at his disposal a host of Dreadbots, androids that appear much like his armored form. Sometimes Dreadbots took his place for public functions while he was busy elsewhere.

Here is an image of Lord Dread in his prime.

Lord Dread

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