Getting Around Science City

Being a major metropolis, Science City is serviced by numerous modes of public transportation. It’s bus service is one of the most advanced on the planet, with the vehicles being electric:

When parked near bus stop the buses’ exteriors reveal maps and schedules, and when in motion the exteriors display ads. The bus stops themselves are quite advanced, potential passengers may use the large interactive map to plan their trip.

One of the more unique modes of transportation, and the first sign of Spring, are the Sidekick Cabs. Another unusual company is Cowled Cabbies, which is owned by Awesome Industries. CC’s drivers all dress in costume and have named like the “Masked Motorist”, “Secret Chauffeur”, “The Caped Coachman”, “Hackman”, “Daredevil Driver”, “Asphalt Avenger”, etc.

Science City employed an elevated railway system that by the time of The Event had grown a bit dated. Legislation was passed to update the railway with new trains and to overhaul the system as well as expand it when on that fateful night entire sections of track were wiped out. A study was conducted and it was determined the elevated system simply was not worth saving.

In 2017 newly elected Mayor Selena Gordon secured legislation to have a subway system installed when experts pointed out that while the magical dead spots affected the surface its effect ended a couple dozen feet down. There are currently three lines: The Joe Louis runs along the Detroit River, servicing the business districts, hotels and tourist areas. The Gilda Radner runs East to West through the center of the city from Grosse Pointe to Livonia, and the George Steele (Also known as The Animal Line as it was named after pro wrestler George “The Animal Steele”.) runs more or less in a circle around the city, with stations just outside of places like the “Magic Mile” and “Haunted Highway”.

Motor City has more helicopters flying overhead than any other metropolis in the world, and one of the largest companies is Motor City Air Cab (Or MCAC). Employing a fleet of Airbus H160s, among the most advanced civilian helicopters in the world, they provide service across the city as well as engaging in flights across the United States/Canadian border from Windsor to Science City in order to avoid the hassle of the bridge and tunnel traffic.

Awesome Air working in conjunction with Lockheed Martin provides an airship service that runs between Windsor and Science City, landing at Science City Metro and Windsor International Airport. With a passenger capacity of thirty the service is not very profitable at this time but Maggie Auger hopes other cities might take interest in airship passenger flights as an alternative to short airline hops.

But despite all the modes of transport available to Science City’s guests and residents, getting around can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. When The Event happened entire neighborhoods were ripped away and that meant sections of roads. An attempt to rebuild said roads was out of the question; not only were some regions larger on the “inside” than the outside, a few of these places projected strange fields where electric and in some cases internal combustion engines did not work at all! As a result while some areas of Motor City are smooth sailing where motorists are concerned, others can be true rush hour headaches.

Here are images of the various vehicles as well as the bus station.

Getting Around Science City

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