Cry Havok

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As tensions rose between The Elementals and The United States government certain eleementals grew more militant. It was not long until they rallied around a lead: Sir Alger Royce Belcher (GCMG), attempted to form a power block but he did not manage much headway. Frustrated, he and his followers staged a terrorist attack on US soil. This served to exacerbate the situation and forced Havok to fight him and his followers. In the end Havok won but Belcher and many of his followers escaped.

Belcher decided to call his group “Cry Havok” from irony, thumbing his nose at his greatest rival. To this day he and his minions raise hell here and there across the globe, their motives known only to their leader. Among the more prominent members are:

FAB (Fuel Air Bomb)

Sir Alger Royce Belcher (GCMG) was a successful British politician and a MP (Member of Parliment) when his powers manifested in late middle age. At first he ignored them but when Havok formed the compound he headed to the United States to become part of the community’s political arm. He became steadily more radicalized until he finally decided he had had enough of the United States government “disrespect” and formed Cry Havok.

FAB is able to manipulate both fire and air, generating mundane feats such as wind blasts or fire bolts (although not to the raw power of other elementals). But when he combines his abilities he can create a devastating explosion that can prove to be quite devastating.


Tajammul Rathore had been a Professor of Mathematics at the University of the Punjab who had led a normal life. He had a wife and five children and things were going quite well when his elemental abilities awoke. He was branded a monster and disowned by his family and had to flee Pakistan. In The US he gravitated towards Belcher’s more extreme viewpoints and became a staunch supporter.

Rathore can transform into a creature of “living mud” who have impressive strength. He can suffocate people and he can alter the consistency of his outer “skin” to be very slick or very sticky.


Brittany Estrada was the adopted daughter of Cubans living in Florida, she had a fairly normal childhood until her parents were killed during a home invasion. That was when he powers kicked in. At age 13 she slaughtered three men, causing horrific third degree burns. It took some legal wrangling but she was placed in Havok’s custody. Then Havok died and Brittany gravitated towards Belcher, seeing him as a much needed father figure. Belcher saw her as a lethal weapon ready to b pointed. Now twenty three, it is hard to know if Estrada is a fully converted believer to the cause or going along with FAB because she has nowhere else to go.

Steam is able to generate lethal jets of super heated water seemingly from thin air. She is also able to superheat any moderate sized body of water. She was once seen superheating cubes of ice with shockingly explosive results.


Guinevere Weppler had been a nurse practitioner on her way towards a medical degree who seemed to have an affinity for treating the sick. It turned out her affinity was a subconscious manifestation of her power. When it fully awoke she traveled to the Elemental compound to receive a better understanding of her abilities. She allied herself with Belcher due to a distrust of the government, but also because she respected the man and felt he might need a moderating force. He also saw how Brittany had fallen under his sway and sought to look out for her.

Mist is able to control water and air to some small degree, but her principle ability is to control the fluid in a human’s body. She discovered this ability can relieve pain, accelerate healing, and aid her in diagnosing illnesses and treating them to some extent. She has discovered she can sense forming cancerous growths and tumors and sometimes treat them with noninvasive surgery.


Joe Reikozuki is a fourth generation American who had a promising career as a soccer player when his elemental powers awoke. He had been struck on the soccer field, a nasty foul, and in retaliation had almost killed his opponent. He was given a suspended sentence and sent the Elemental compound, where he became radicalized.

Black Blizzard can become a being of living soil who can achieve some semblance of solidity. But his favorite form of attack is to disperse and assault them as a kind of “super sand storm”. The earth looks very black, like the richest planting soil, hence the name.

Images of the various members can be found here.

Cry Havok

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