About the GM

Hello. My name is Tom and I’ve been involved in role playing games since about the age of twelve, which is some thirty five years. I have been running PBEMs for about fourteen of those years, off and on. I have run both super heroic and Star Trek games, although I have had considerably more success with the former than the latter.

I work for FedEx and other than role playing games my other hobby is to write for The Agony Booth. I am a huge fan of comics and science fiction as well as Pulp Fiction, most notably The Shadow.

I am also a fan of classic movies, most notably the films of Humphrey Bogart as well as classic mystery movies such as The Thin Man. The Maltese Falcon is one of the greatest movies ever made, Humphrey Bogart the coolest actor to have ever appeared on screen.

As a GM I confess I can sometimes be abrasive, I can be impatient, I can be confrontational. That is not because I am trying to alienate people, I just want to produce the best game possible and I can be demanding. If you do want to game with me I ask for a bit of patience and commitment and I hope to provide the same.

Questions for me? E-mail me at tstockel@rocketmail.com

About the GM

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