STDs are what many police in Science City call teenage criminals with super powers. These “Super Powered Delinquents” possess abilities far beyond normal citizens, the source of which could be anything from the acquisition of a magical artifact to cybernetic limbs enhanced far beyond standard specifications. Most of these teens are merely vandals and trouble makers, but sometimes they might be hired by more hardened criminals to help them pull off jobs, either directly or as a distraction for the police.

Some of the more notable STDs are:

“Yo-Yo” Fubuki: Young Mei Fubuki is a trouble maker living in Highland Park, she is known for her scandalously cut school uniform and her lethality with a yo-yo. She has been known to take out car windows at twenty feet with the supposedly innocuous object. Yo-Yo possesses a prenatural martial arts style that when combined with her use of her signature steel yo-yo can be a formidable opponent. Yo-Yo hangs out with the Steel Dragons.

“Lightning” Lea Clipton: Lea lost both her forearms during D-Day, when she was standing right at the edge of one of the dimensional shifts. Had it not been for an off-duty paramedic at the scene she would have bled out then and there. Since then she has been outfitted with state of the art prosthetics due to a substantial trust fund, and due to her boyfriend’s tendency to tinker she is able to generate tremendous electrical jolts.


“One Eyed Jack” Herzog: James Herzog had just been a kid during D-Day and one of the things that popped out of one of the tiny dimensional breaches had decided to make a home in his left eye. The pain of the thing setting up house was enough to almost drive anyone mad, but the young man persevered. Attempts to remove the object proved fruitless but after a while “Jack” got used to it, especially when on command he was able to see through walls, shoot laser like beams and bolts of concussive force! Not bad for a nerd who reads comics.

multibitch.jpgMultibitch: Nora Nance is a mutant with the ability to make duplicates of herself. Being low on morals naturally she used powers to bully kids at school before she got kicked out. She has been in and out of foster homes and juvenile detention. The duplicates are psychic doubles, rather than flesh and blood.

Kid Necro: Sometimes kids get into stuff they simply shouldn’t be messing with. Case in point, Nefiteri Douglas, who had snorted some cocaine laced with the ashes of a voodoo houngan. The result was Kid Necro, master of the dead! Nefiteri’s body is an animated corpse that is highly resistant to damage but when it is can be repaired with a little fresh blood. She is able of a few magical tricks such as levitation and is able to communicate with the dead. She is also able to control undead creatures, quite often she is found with an undead rat or two.

Hothead: When one thinks of demons they usually envision powerful, clever, manipulative beings. Hothead is what demons start out as, namely the equivalent of punk teenagers who have no common sense. A piss poor wizard attempted to summon Hothead’s dad but the elder demon had been out and his ne’er do well son took the call. The summoning circle had been crudely made and the demon burst free but not before roasting the fool who had summoned him. Now Hothead (Don’t ask his real name, he’d never give it) raised hell when he can, using hellfire to terrify the masses.


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