Science City Sentinels

Science City’s newest team is collection of veteran adventurers and new heroes, brought together to protect the world’s greatest, strangest metropolis.

The team’s current roster consists of Cerulean, Lazarus, Okami, Ragnarok, Stormcrow, and Vanguard, along with supporting members Doctor Teresa Kinkaid, precocious teen Madeline Auger and industrialist Maggie Auger.

Due to Maggie Auger’s sponsorship, The Sentinels have access to a series of facilities to aid them in their fight against crime; a skyscraper base, a hidden underground base, a training facility twenty miles outside the city and a dockside warehouse where the team’s mid-range transport is stored.

The team stays in contact via unique small clear plastic devices that fit inside a person’s ear. Called SANDs (Synaptic, Auditory Networking Device), they are a secure communications system.

One means of quick transport available to the group are hoverbikes. They are relatively easy to master, seat two and contain a host of safety features.


Science City Sentinels

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