In 2002 The Tandians, a vast coalition of extra dimensional races and governments, invaded the Earth. They established beachheads all across the world via inter-dimensional portals. Places like San Francisco, Chicago and Paris, France lay under siege to a host of bizarre and lethal soldiers. One of the battlefields was in Ireland, where the fearsome Fir Bolg came rolling in like a red tide of destruction. Ireland’s defender The Morrigan was a captive, the British had their hands full and it seemed Ireland would become a firm beachhead for the other worldly invaders.

What the Fir Bolg and Tandians had not counted on, however, was The Morrigan had been training a replacement. Once she had been captured her semi-sentient cloak, the source of her powers, fled at her command to young Keely McKenna. Keely sized up the situation and did something desperate; she called for aid. She called the Sidhe, powerful elves whom The Morrigan had some dealings with. The Sidhe came to Ireland’s aid and fought beside The Vindicators to drive the Fir Bolg back. And once the battle was done…

The Sidhe stayed.

The founded a city and called it Murentenshelien (which in their language means “Tenuous foothold in a dangerous yet fertile land”), and here the rulers-Oberon and Titania-held court. Things seemed to go rather well as locals began to take advantage of the increased magical energies and young elves grew enamored of technological toys and dance club music. But paradise finally came to an end when Oberon attempted to take advantage of a crisis The Vindicators were attempting to fix; the world had been split in to, with one side being immersed in technology, the other pure magic. Oberon was defeated before his interference proved detrimental and he was arrested by British authorities. During this time Murentenshelien erected an impenetrable field about itself and demanded Oberon’s return. Unfortunately for British authorities Oberon did have de facto diplomatic immunity and everyone’s memory of the crisis was largely non-existent.

But it did reveal that Oberon and Titania were play a game of their own, and that their presence in Ireland was not nearly as altruistic as they tried to make others believe. Over the years both played what they called The Game, pitting wits against governments, heroes and one another. In recent years it seems both Oberon and Titania have disappeared, many believe they have gone back to their plane of existence. At the moment the nation is ruled by a senior body of elves known as The Sidhe Council.

GEOGRAPHY: Murentenshelien is located North of Cork, East of Killarney, it consists of some ten square miles of “downtown” Elvish architecture which includes stone keep buildings interspersed with delicate seeming tall thin towers of crystal, gold and silver. Around this nexus are various estates, from lovely homes that double as fortresses to huge trees that house families in their boughs. Further out can be found human dwellings the Sidhe have “allowed” to remain mixed with their own smaller dwellings. Those who could not handle the strange neighbors moved away and a cosmopolitan bunch have moved into these homes. Some even house various unofficial ambassadors to Oberon and Titania’s court.

BIOLOGY: Murentenshelien is home to numerous races; brownies, redcaps, dryads, etc. But three races have clear numerical superiority. In order from highest to lowest they are:

Elves: The most numerous by far and most politically powerful, elves comprise a middle class as well as a well entrenched aristocracy led by King Oberon and Queen Titania. Oberon rules during the night, Titania the day. Elves, like humans, vary in skill so not all of them are masters of the mystic arts. A growing number of young elves have grown disaffected with normal elven life and have chosen to rebel. They wear human clothes, sport human technological devices, listen to raucous human music instead of the sedate tunes of their elders.

Elves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tall and willowy to wiry and small, to ones that could pass for human if they covered their ears. Their skin tone ranges from pale to dark gray, and their hair and eye color can vary widely.

Faerie: These mischeivous creatures are usually about six inches tall and may or may not have insect like wings (some like butterflies, others more like bees or wasps). They are often used as messengers or spies and are sometimes barely tolerated as they do not seem to realize how annoying they can bee. Many fly about in swarms, and most have musical singing voices.

The Faerie seem to have chosen a leader, a queen. Soleste, the former Vindicator and sometimes member of The United Kingdom’s Storm Guard, has been crowned. She is almost always attended by a trio of faerie who act as her chorus, singing her praises and regailing those within earshot of her amazing deeds. About half the Faerie population have moved to the kingdom of Solestia, but it is difficult to get an accurate count as they pass freely back and forth between nations.

Ninety nine percent of all fairies appear to be female.

Humans: Many are welcome as guests, few as tenants. These humans are de facto ambassadors from different countries, artists whose work interests and pleases patrons, or are exiles from nations who seek asylum. They live in the fringes of the Elven city, their fashions and customs a mixture of their origins as well as their hosts, as well as a little something else that comes from their own imaginations.

Over the years humans have made some serious strides in the city’s heirarchy; some humans are now part of the city guard. Either former soldiers or policemen, these humans are viewed at worst as traitors to the human race by some and at best are simply deluded, while others envy their (comparatively) high status. One human has even attained a rank on the Sidhe Council, the super heroine known as The Morrigan, who also acts as a liaison between the elves and the Republic of Ireland.

LARPers are not welcome in Murentenshelien and are usually mocked on sight.


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