List of Vindicators

NOTE: Those who are marked “deceased” were dead by 2013.

Aahhchoo(!): Dadass diminutive alien

Adjudicator: Dark avenger, fighter of the undead and the unnatural

Agent E: FPBI agent networked with multiple selves from different universes

Battle Maiden: Supernatural knight

Black Angel: Super strong secret agent

The Box: Agent of chaos with a magic box

Corona: Wielder of both heat and cold

Cyndane (deceased): Superantural knight

Devana: Russian super strong flying hero

Havok (deceased): Super strong chemist

Dr. Kinkaid: Super strong doctor, later wield of electromagnetic energy

Dr. Kinkaid, the clone: Super strong doctor, later manipulator of matter

Envoy: Alien representative on Earth

Knack: Time traveling hero

Maid of Awesome: Super genius inventor

Molly McLoughlin, Private Psi: Says it all

Paladin: Holy warrior encased in mystic armor, wielding a magic blade

Paragon (deceased): Ultimate fighter wielding a hi-tech force field

Pele: Wielder of the Loki elemental

Photon: Man turned into living energy

Qui Lin: Martial artist wielder of a symbiotic life form

The Radical Cure: Super healer

Redcap: Super strong, super agile fighter

Rhiannon: Elven Sorceress

Sand: Earth elemental

Soleste: Mischievous pixie

Trickshot: marksman wielding a magic bow

Valiant: Flying, force field generating British heroine

Vortex: Air Force pilot who can create vacuums

Wolf: Lycanthropic private eye

Wolf II: Junal Pathkiller, the original’s grandfather, possessing a clone of his grandson. A contender for most convoluted origin story.

List of Vindicators

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