Bureau of Paranormal Affairs

The Bureau of Paranormal Affairs is a Federal agency tasked with the monitoring of criminal and civilian super powered indivuals and events in the United States. The Bureau’s mission statement is to protect and educate those paranormals who need it, pursue and incarcerate those paranormals who deserve it.

bpa_trooper.jpgAs well as taking on the duties of the FPBI, the BPA now has nominal oversight over the “super school” known as Pure Power’s Plant. While it does not interfere with the day-to-day functions of the school, it now provides on-sight security for the facility and it’s surrounding property. It is also in charge of the “super prison” known as The Hole. While the BPA’s duties are almost entirely confined to the United States it does operate paranormal teams and agents whose duties sometimes take them outside of American territories.

PBA officers are armed with and specially trained in the use of advanced weapons, and they are given an extensive education in the nature of what it means to be super human. And there are some BPA agents who actually have super powers. These super powered agents usually possess “low key” abilities, powers which are easily hidden and in most cases are more useful in investigating crime rather than battling super powered criminals. Many have administrative and/or liaison duties.

While many PBA agents are plain clothes types that conduct forensic investigations, a majority of PBA personnel consists of men and women armed with the very latest in hi-tech weaponry and armor. They may appear to be some paramilitary force and many are recruited from the various branches of the United States military, but each one has also undergone rigorous FBI training courses and are well aware of the importance of exercising proper force against both conventional and paranormal threats.

The current head of the BPA is Matthew Pathkiller, the former super hero known as Wolf and the husband of Sara Griffith Pathkiller.

Bureau of Paranormal Affairs

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