Artifact crafting super heroine


Maddie Auger is an attractive young woman with brown hair and eyes. As Wyvern she wears a burgundy leather jacket, a WWII era pilot cap and goggles, khaki trousers with knee pads and knee high brown leather combat boots and white silk scarf. Her right hand holds a jeweled gauntlet, the left a leather bracer and about her waist is an equipment belt. When she activates the red gold badge on her jacket broad crimson bat-like wings sprout from her back.

In civilian life Madeline dresses casually, often opting for jeans and shorts over skirts and dresses, although when the need arises she can clean up pretty nicely and dress to the nines.


Some kids have normal childhoods. They’re born, they go to school, they grow up and dream of going to college and having careers.

And then there is Madeline Auger, who was illegally cloned by Maggie Auger, the woman formerly known as Maid of Awesome.

To say Maddie’s childhood was unique is something of an understatement. Knowing her little science experiment might be taken away from her, Maddie’s mother (Or sister, depending on which scientist and/or lawyer you ask.) had to keep her little girl hidden. Maggie’s parents were so used to their little mad scientist doing insane things being asked to help raise her girl did not come as a surprise to them at all. They found the experience to be bizarre, a sort of continuous deja vu moments as Madeline grew up. But at least this time Maggie was there to help.

Maddie was home schooled, her past a forgery so that the Canadian government would not take her from her family. Finally the truth had to come out, but Maggie had been planning for that eventuality for years, buying politicians left and right in a manner so unethical it risked super villain levels of scale. But it worked and Maddie was recognized as a legal Canadian citizen and Maggie was only fined a hundred million dollars. Six hours after her legal standing was secured, Maddie staged her first act of true defiance; she put in a claim to be named an emancipated minor.

Her mother couldn’t have been more proud.

Over the years Madeline has had some adventures of her own, among them an attempt to form a super hero group for Science City. This inadvertently uncovered a conspiracy led by a cabal of villains who needed any and all organized resistance against them quashed, hence ever team formed was destroyed or dismantled in some way. Madeline and her mother were on the sidelines when the latest team was formed and that was when a person from Maggie’s past showed up, a rival scientist and inventor named Doctor Ferocious who was after the Augers’ time machine. Ferocious used a device to send Madeline to another dimension, one technologically primitive but magically advanced. Madeline used all her skills to forge a place for herself there, employing her vast scientific and engineering know-how to start a cultural revolution. But she knew she needed to return to Earth to rescue her Mother so she compelled her mentor Athias to teach her how to become an artificer so she could construct a device to allow her to get back to Earth.

But such knowledge came at a price…

Madeline is a highly intelligent young lady, with a fertile imagination she channels into the creation of various artifacts. When younger she had no desire for adventure her time upon another world caused her to grow a taste for it which she quenches in super heroics.

Madeline has no super powers outside of her fearsome intellect. Whereas before she had possessed an inventive genius that had begun to rival her mother’s a price had to be paid in order to acquire the skills necessary to master the arts arcane. Maddie’s knowledge of hard science and engineering may be still there, albeit locked away, but for now she shows little inclination to retrieve such knowledge as she devotes her time to perfecting the artificer’s craft.

Maddie is an artificer who also dabbles in alchemy, she is able to craft mystic artifacts that possess a variety of abilities. She possesses some hand-to-hand fighting ability and is competent with a sword and knife but above all else she prefers to stay as far away from a close quarters scrape as she can. She is a fair shot with a pistol and can fire with either hand but she had deliberately trained herself for left handed shooting since her right wields the gravity gauntlet. The skills of an artificer have necessitated Madeline learning wood working, leather working, metal working, knitting, sewing and rudimentary gem cutting. All of her items are crude by the standards of skilled artificers but they get the job done…more or less.

Madeline is not an expert in hand-to-hand but she has a decent left hook and a nasty kick and has some experience in a martial art similar to jujutsu. She has also learned how to use the bullwhip in various lengths and is good at striking or grabbing.


In civilian lift Maddie’s clothing is often made of teflex and duraweave, and the same is true of her Wyvern costume. As Wyvern her wings are broad and bat-like and are a dark crimson, they allow her to fly at great speed and they provide her with a protective field to allow her to breath and endure cold temperatures at high altitudes, these wings are her proudest creation and even a talented artificer would say they are well constructed. On her left hand she wears a jeweled gauntlet that affords her several powers
The first power is the ability to form portals that allow her to teleport herself or others up to a couple dozen miles. A target must be stationary so it is limited in terms of it being an offensive weapon. A more practical offensive use is for her to form a tiny portal linking her current area with a point deep in the Atlantic, forming a high pressure jet of water.

The gauntlet also allows Wyvern to control gravity to some extent. She can make a subject ten times heavier or weigh only a tenth their normal weight, which can make it easier for them to move, especially when one punches or kicks them. Finally the gauntlet can manipulate time in limited ways. Wyvern’s principle use is to heal a person, reversing time a few hours at most to a point before the injury occurred. She can use the time feature to slow a more or less human sized target down or speed it up. She is able to sometimes exceed the gauntlet’s designed parameters but this results in a short out that requires repair (i.e. slowly a car down that is going to run a person over). The gauntlet employs various small gem stones in order to operate. Fortunately Maddie brought along with her a large collection of raw gems from her travels in the other world, and synthetic gems work about as well.

Maddie’s employs a bullwhip she calls the Wyvern’s Tail, it appears to be made of simple braided leather dyed red but it contains specific enchantments. She can adjust its length with a flick of the wrist from six feet to sixteen and anywhere in between.


Maddie wears a pendant that allows her to almost instantly change into her Wyvern persona.

Wyvern has a host of useful items always on her person, such as a small repair kit, Swiss Army Knife (the handyman model), powerful tiny flashlight, gold coins, money roll, etc. She endeavors to be prepared to almost any eventuality so she is constantly working on crafting different artifacts.


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