Real name: Adrian Shuster



Adrian was born and raised in Coppertown, a small village about an hour and a half from Science City.

His father, Gabriel (50), is a though farmer who used to bully his wife and him for years, until he started to have weird problems and accidents near the boy. He was intelligent enough to shut up and let him be, but is not a proud father… Adrian’s mother, Gail (45), is a kindergarten teacher, more sweet and well-mannered than her husband.

Adrian’s childhood was the normal one for a boy in a small town: not too much friends around and not too much time to play around because of school and the usual farm chores. But it all changed when hi was around 9 years old. He disappeared one Saturday evening, while playing with other folks in a near forest. After 8 hours of search his unconscious body was found in a swampy zone, not that far from the children play zone. After a first quick physical examination nothing strange was found but a small rounded plate of about 0,5 inches in the back of his neck, but it came off and melted before it could be analyzed with proper tools. It left a small scar wich Adrian always thought was a birthmark…

For three years no one talked about the incident and everything seemed normal for 3 years, but suddenly strange things started to happen near the boy. Small things started to levitate, float around the Shuster farm for several or even disappear completely in front of their eyes days. Gail and Adrian started to suspect it had something to do with Adrian’s disappearance but both tried to ’don’t see’ that stuff, fearing unwanted intrusions or possible dangers to their son. Since the boy didn’t look armed and these were small ‘things’, their only fear was to keep him from strangers or possible incidents at school so Gail started to work with him and his strange powers, trying to minimize their effects and activation. It was clear that Adrian was completely capable of controlling it and he was intelligent enough to don’t use them in public, even accidentally, but he continued training this peculiar skill hiding from his abusive father and fearful mother.

Adrian was obsessed with the super heroic figures from Science City and around the world since he was very small and his new found powers seemed to be an answer to his desire to help the people in danger, so he made his objective to get out of Coppertown as soon as he could, but not breaking her mom’s heart in the process, so he studied and worked hard enough to be a spotlight between his classmates… Mostly drawing caped crusaders… But it guaranteed him a scholarship in the Art School of the big city and it was the perfect excuse to start his career as the urban vigilante Vector.

This new good doer has been working in the Science City alleys and rooftops for about two years. Disguised in urban outfit, with hooded jackets and scarfs and a backpack full of tools and weapons disguised as graffiti supplies.

Powers and Gadgets

Adrian can control gravity but mostly it means he can deprive people and objects from their weigh and make them float, but these stay in the same spot they started to levitate. A good push can make them move with a constant velocity proportional to the kinetic energy of the hit, but he canĀ“t embed them with movement or speed without physical contact, so he uses his own limbs or a steel baseball bat to move or manipulate in other ways his targets.

Since he helped a young super scientist (Ethan) in a street fight, he helps Adrian with the radio, smartphone and social networks information while he is patrolling the streets and he makes experimental gadgets Vector can use in his crime fighting adventures. His latest inventions are a couple of energy gloves Adrian can use to hit with a powerful blast his targets. He is experimenting with these so he can jump giant laps while controlling his own weight. And a lantern-like tool capable of hitting his enemies even harder but with a more limited energy durability.

In his backpack and utility belt he usually carries:
- Tracers (he can track using his smartphone or with Ethan’s help)
- Smoke, gas, stun (light and noise) and grenade pellets.
- Small glue globules.
- Lock picks.
- A strong miniaturized laser used as a cutting tool.
- A taser
- Duct tape, cutters, a small first aid kit and his bat.

He is trained in self defense and started practicing kung fu recently.


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