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Maddie Auger is an attractive young woman with brown hair and eyes. Her Traveller costume consists of a violet and black costume with a violet and black mask.

In civilian life Madeline dresses casually, often opting for jeans and shorts over skirts and dresses, although when the need arises she can clean up pretty nicely and dress to the nines.


Some kids have normal childhoods. They’re born, they go to school, they grow up and dream of going to college and having careers.

And then there is Madeline Auger, who was illegally cloned by Maggie Auger, the woman formerly known as Maid of Awesome.

To say Maddie’s childhood was unique is something of an understatement. Knowing her little science experiment might be taken away from her, Maddie’s mother (Or sister, depending on which scientist and/or lawyer you ask.) had to keep her little girl hidden. Maggie’s parents were so used to their little mad scientist doing insane things being asked to help raise her girl did not come as a surprise to them at all. They found the experience to be bizarre, a sort of continuous deja vu moments as Madeline grew up. But at least this time Maggie was there to help.

Maddie was home schooled, her past a forgery so that the Canadian government would not take her from her family. Finally the truth had to come out, but Maggie had been planning for that eventuality for years, buying politicians left and right in a manner so unethical it risked super villain levels of scale. But it worked and Maddie was recognized as a legal Canadian citizen and Maggie was only fined a hundred million dollars. Six hours after her legal standing was secured, Maddie staged her first act of true defiance; she put in a claim to be named an emancipated minor.

Her mother couldn’t have been more proud.

Over the years Madeline has had some adventures of her own, among them an attempt to form a super hero group for Science City. This inadvertently uncovered a conspiracy led by a cabal of villains who needed any and all organized resistance against them quashed, hence ever team formed was destroyed or dismantled in some way. Madeline and her mother were on the sidelines when the latest team was formed and that was when a person from Maggie’s past showed up, a rival scientist and inventor named Doctor Ferocious who was after the Augers’ time machine. Ferocious used a device to send Madeline to another dimension, one similar to her home world but a several decades behind technologically. Madeline used all her skills to forge a place for herself there, employing her vast scientific and engineering know-how to create a means to return home. However it took five years to achieve this but in that time Madeline had come into her own as both an inventor and a hero.

Madeline is a highly intelligent young lady, she has a background in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Quantum Mechanics, and is an experienced electrical and mechanical engineer as well as computer engineering and software design.

Madeline has a basic understanding of hand to hand combat although she does everything possible to avoid it.

Madeline has by necessity studied the fields of finance and big business and has developed a decent grasp, enough to ably handle the peripheral aspects of her mother’s economic empire.

Madeline is a competent driver and pilot of various aircraft as well as water craft, like her mother she is fluent in Spanish, Canadian French, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese. She is a pretty decent guitarist and gravitates towards bass.

EQUIPMENT: Madeline’s costume allows her to manipulate electromagnetic energies, giving her the ability to interact with Earth’s magnetic field to allow her to fly at high speeds. The costume produces a protective force field as well. In terms of offensive capabilities she can generate an electrical charge that can shock people who try to grab her, this also allows her to generate electrically charged punches. The mask affords her protection from sudden bright glares, it affords her a variety of visual sensory input such as low light and infrared. The goggles also allow her to uplink to various computer systems.

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The suit’s principle power, though, is it’s abilities to generate portals. She can open portals beneath an opponent, sending them falling through and winding up several hundred feet elsewhere, such as in the air. Agile opponents can avoid this. Another trick is to summon a pre-prepared item to fall on top of someone, such as an anvil. Since the item in question is falling from a resting position it does not have a great amount of velocity so it works best on an unsuspecting opponent. She has a variety of items prepared such as kitchen sinks, balloons filled with dye, a weighted net, etc. The third attack is to open a link to a stone that was weighted down and dropped into the Pacific, by creating an aperture she can produce a water cannon similar to those used in fire fighting or riot control. By shrinking the aperture she can create a very potent weapon reminiscent of a water jet cutter but this is most effective at close range. This attack can be pretty messy, covering an area with salt water rather quickly.

Traveller has prepared a series of non-lethal weapons, one shot grenade launchers consisting of a short tube with a handle. Her aim was to create a weapon that did not look like a gun as that would interfere with the image of herself she was trying to project. The effective range is not much, only some two hundred meters, and the various loads include: smoke, tear gas, net, electric shock, glue, and concussion. The delivery mechanism only works when fired from one of Traveller’s gauntlets.

Defensively Traveller can form “escape portals” to move quickly out of danger, or defensive portals to redirect a ranged attack. She is limited to creating one portal at a time.

Madeline keeps a couple spare items in her belt pouches, such as a roll of American bills, a “burner” phone, a “jack fish” survival tool-

[[File:720954 | class=media-item-align-center | Jackfish-Survival-Card.jpg]]

-as well as a compact Swiss army knife. She also has on hand a pair of small rebreathers that allow her to breathe under water for a few minutes as well as resist airborne gases.


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