Toni Childes

President of The United States


Toni is a strikingly beautiful woman with dark skin, captivating brown eyes and short hair that stands just over six feet tall. She has an athletic frame and looks at least a decade younger than her sixty years. As President she often wears conservative pantsuits.


BACKGROUND: Ever since she had been a child Toni had been stronger, faster, and smarter than everyone else around her. She was diagnosed early as being a mutant, which precluded her from any involvement in sports, which proved to be very frustrating for her competitive nature. Eventually she opted for non-physical competition such as Chess and the debate team. Here she excelled. As she grew older her strength, speed and toughness also increased until by the age of eighteen she was a formidable paranormal. She possessed a high degree of self control but her parents wisely thought some polishing was in order so they enrolled her in Pure Power’s Plant. After leaving there she attended college, where she was approached by a representative of Optimum Inc. It seems they were looking for a super hero to represent their company and they were impressed with Toni’s credentials both from a power standpoint and an academic one. She began working for OI part time under the name Optima, but when she graduated she became a full fledged hero.

Over the years Toni proved to be a very effective rep. She had a good relationship with the press and police and she was always careful to keep property damage to an absolute minimum. But over time something terrible was happening to Toni; she was getting old. Oh she still looked good, but OI wanted a fresh, younger face to represent them. So once they found Billie Marston Toni was “retired”.

Toni was very bitter, of course. Over the years she had saved and invested her money wisely so she was not going to starve. But the principle frustrated her immensely. She had not been beaten fair and square, she had lost just because she had a few wrinkles. At this time she was approached by N.U.K.E., who had been thrown out of High Justice for accidentally leaking Lionheart’s true identity to her enemies. He was forming his own group and asked Toni to join. Toni, lacking any serious prospects, agreed.

After 5th Power broke up Toni was at loose ends for a short time. For a time she led Motor City’s Sisterhood but when it was discovered the primary Chicago team were super villains and her own team had been mind controlled puppets she had second thoughts about being a hero. Eventually she and the other cames around re-named themselves The Valkyries and later moved from Motor City to Chicago. After the massacre at Pure Power’s Plant Ultima took on the job of the school’s headmistress.

However Lord Dread’s horrific actions caused a radical change in Toni, causing her to re-think her life. She was not getting any younger and really what was she contributing to the world at large? She opted to use her popularity to enter politics and returned to Michigan where she ran for Congress when an incumbent announced their retirement. The Democratic party did not want Childes on the ticket but she defied them and won. She continued to make waves in Congress by voting her conscience rather than siding with her party. Attempts to undermine her re-election met with utter failure and became an ally of President Robert Russel, who was despised by his own party. When Russel’s second term was up he did the unthinkable and reached across party lines to endorse Childes as the DNC’s candidate. Childes won and is now America’s first female President.

PERSONALITY: Toni is an intelligent woman who thrives on competition, be it physical or mental. She is a card carrying member of MENSA and scored highly in chess tournaments across the country. She believes in using restraint in any conflict, be it political, social or physical. To her mind the moment force is implied then your options are severely curtailed. This does not make her a pacifist, however, and she recognizes the need for swift military action in certain situations. Childes used to be hot tempered but these days she has cooled down somewhat.

POWERS: Toni possesses great strength, speed and invulnerability. She is combines these powers with an extensive knowledge of martial arts and acrobatic prowess that make her very dangerous in combat. While she has not been in a fight in some time she still spars regularly with combat robots to maintain her edge.

Toni Childes

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