The Adjudicator


Name: Fletcher Gibson

Faction: Sargasso

Affiliations: The Vindicators

Age: 55

Status: Monster Hunter,

Height: 6’4”

Weight:220 lbs

Eyes: Grey

Description: Standing just over 6’4”with a heavy build, the Adjudicator is rarely seen by the light of day, He is swathed from head to toe in bandages that are covered with strange, arcane symbols. He wears a heavy leather Trench coat and a broad brimmed hat. He also wears a pair of WW1 aviator goggles and a red scarf that conceals the lower half of his face. He moves like an athlete with a sense of aggressive alertness, his head constantly moving as if he expects a threat to appear at any time. . His speaking voice is a deep growl, usually barely louder than a whisper but, as a trained opera singer, he can use his voice to tremendous effect when he wants to.




Arcane Blast: This can be pushed (made more powerful) but to do so is draining. This is a blast of super cold flame.

Arcane Strike: This is a physical strike of magical energy. It is cold based

Arcane Shield: This is a protective barrier against physical attacks require a degree of concentration.

Eldritch Shield: This is a protective barrier against mystical attacks require a degree of concentration.

Eldritch Blast: This is a non-physical attack upon the magical/life force of an individual. A powerful weapon against those of a magical nature but of limited use against the mundane.

Detect Magic

  • Any of the abilities defined as Arcane have physical impact and have a cold minor secondary effect of chilling the air in the vicinity. ( Fletcher is currently learning to change the nature of the energy he conjure.

erfect Pitch and a five octave range



2 customized double barrel .45 automatics with laser sights. equipped with Ghost Killer rounds, subdual rounds (tranquilizing rounds delivered through an impact gel), phosphorescent rounds, and High Explosive Armor piercing rounds. Each gun has built in flash suppressors and laser sights

  • Ghost Killer Rounds, a .45 caliber round whose tip was a composite of slim layers wood, silver, cold iron and jade with a depleted uranium core. It’s composed of every major material reported to harmful to the supernatural, blessed by a Zoroastria\ monk.

Dagger that was forged in Naples out of a fire born of the knee bone of a saint.

High voltage brass knuckles built into gloves.

A telescoping rod of cold iron that was blessed forged a zoroastrian monk

Wooden stakes, one ash, oak and one Rowan.

Holy Water

Buddhist prayer scrolls that can block the passage of most lesser evils

Smoke and tear gas pellets

Flash bangs.



Reinforced armored cloths

Titanium alloyed chain vest,

Titanium collar, decorated with crosses and other holy symbols


Goggles: These WWI Aviator style Goggle are a high tech light filters, enhancing the range of sight into a wide range of spectrum as well as serving as a heads up display for his support team.

Gas filter/rebreather. Concealed in scarf

Silver and cold iron reinforced ties for securing prisoners

Broad range Communications Equipment

50’ micro thin, reinforced silk line with grapple.

Vehicles: The Adjudicator makes use of a number of customized motor vehicles.


The Adjudicator is a skilled athlete who excels in a number of extreme sports including Parkour and Rock Climbing.

Skilled marksman.

A trained gun smith who makes his own weapons and ammo

Olympic level acrobat

Master of both Aikido and Wu Shu

Professional level driver of both with cars and motorcycles

Trained at circumventing most alarm systems

Auto mechanic

First aid

A gifted musician, Fletcher trained as an opera singer and is a very skilled pianist and guitarist. His preferred music is the variety of Heavy metal and Opera

World ranked chess player and is currently learning Go.

Fletcher is an expert in occult knowledge


Italian S-4

German S-2

French S-2

Latin S-2

Arabic S-1

Chinese S-1

Aramaic S-1

Aaron Beckett was born in a menonite community in the vicinity of Mt. Jackson Va. During his rumspringa he discovered Opera, rock and roll and literature that touched him in ways his former life had not. He left his old life behind, changed his name to Fletcher (as in Christian) Gibson (as in the Guitar) . Two years later he was studying opera at Julliard in NYC. During his third year he was dating Allicon Lame and went to a Halloween party dressed as the Shadow and Margo Lane. An encounter with a drug dealer left Allison dead and Fletcher unconscious.

Filled with incredible rage he spent the next month hunting down the killer and almost beating him to death but the same battle left him in the hospital having suffered multiple stab wounds. That’s when the nightmares begam. Strange images filled with images of unearthly horrors and leaving him filled with tremendous anger. It took him filled with incredible anger,

It took him months to recover and the therapist diagnose the anger and nightmares to PTSD and gave him drugs. These pharmaceuticals combined with the opiods for his pain had him an addict before he even left the hospital.

He took drugs for the pain, drugs to control his anger and more drugs to help him sleep. It was no surprise that his personality changed, he withdrew socially and so there was no one to help him when things started to spiral out of control. He had been getting a lot of work including regular work at the Metropolitan Opera and having started a black metal band called the Night Flyers

It was no surprise when he dropped out of Julliard to pursue a full time career. Nor when things started to fall apart. He developed a reputation for unreliability. He lost jobs (and friends/), got fired from the Met. He focused on the Night Flyers and that waa paying off despite his drug problems. Their first album The Stars are Right was an unqualified his and a major tour was scheduled. Unfortunately Fletcher was so stoned he missed it and the band dropped him.

He reduced to busking in the subway and living in a cold water flat on the Bowery. His nightmares were so bad that the only thing that would let him sleep were drugs and exhaustion.

One night on the way home from busking he stopped a robbery and for the first time in over a year, he slept without any nightmares. After that he began to wander the Bowery at night, dressed as the Shadow and began a one man war on crime.

It was during this time that he first heard of the Adjudicator.

And with sleep, he was able to kick his drug habit and complete Frankenstien, his rock opera version of Mary Shelly’s classic. It took him almost 4 more years to produce it off Broadway. The next two years went by in a whirl. Fletcher was drug free, starring in a hit show of his own creation, developing a fan base as an opera singer. Most nights he would patrol the Bowery and exercised his nightmares on criminals.

All this changed when he was asked to perform at an NEA awards event and afterward he was introduced to Judge Ralph Hawkins and his companion Al Bernstein. Something about them struck a chord and he followed them after. Mr Bernstiens was dropped off at the Allard Industries building.

The nightmares got worse.

Further investigation revealed that the Allard Building had a state of the art security system that was beyond his skill to penetrate. His nightly patrols decreased and he was forced to again depend on drugs to help him sleep. One night he saw a figure breaking into the penthouse and took the opportunity to follow him.

He found the intruder searching a bookcase and when he confronted him Fletcher found himself in the fight of his life. For the first time in his life Fletcher encountered a vampire and it almost killed kim. As he struggled to his feet the bookcase slid aside, revealing an elevator and out stepped Red. Fletcher was stunned. Before he could think straight, she had disarmed him and knocked him out.

He woke up secured to a hospital bed, severely wounded and too weak to escape.

He found himself being questioned by Charles Dexter, CEO of Allard Corp. When Fletcher resisted, they drugged him. When he came to he was still in the same medical facility but security was less, he had his clothes but not his weapons. It was then it became obvious that his wounds were quite severe and he had been unconscious for a number of days.

Judge Hawkins and Charles Dexter spent a long afternoon explaining things to him. Keith Allard had been an adventure in the years between the wars whose studies left him stepped in occult knowledge. He had teamed up with the Adjudicator (a masked adventurer) and they both died in 1939. The story of a boat accident was a cover to explain their death and the lack of bodies.

(A lie)

They listen to Fletcher’s stories of his nightmare and rage and after due consideration presented him with a number of challenges (Think of the tests to identify reincarnated Buddha). They didn’t reveal the result and after some consultation come back with an offer.

Yes Vampires and other supernatural horrors were real and Now that Fletcher knew about them, he would be drawn into a war with them. They would provide some training and support and eventually connect him with someone who could teach him more of the occult world.

He knew they were holding something back but at the same time he continued to have a hard time thinking about the Allard Corporation and it’s associates.

Then they told him the bad news. He had been sedated for the better part of a week and to cover his absence they had notified the shadow he was in a car accident and was recovering in a private clinic. His understudy had taken over the role of the creature. Quickly rumors spread that he had had a relapassed, especially as no one could find the clinic he was supposedly in, there was no report of an accident. The producers announced that because of health issues Fletcher was withdrawing from the production. Fletcher’s past and his reputation insured that he was immediately damned in the media and online.

Once again he was banished from his music and that hurt far more than all his wounds combined.

While nursing him back to health, the Allard Foundation upgraded his equipment and provided him with training that improved combat and technical ability. He also met Al and his granddaughter Red both of whom always seemed to be annoyed by him. At the same time it was clear that he was attracted to Red and had some sort of connection with her and so, her scorn cut him all the deeper. She made it clear that she believed the worst of his reputation and that she thought any efforts the Allard Foundation made on his behalf was at best a waste of time.

In time he recovered, focused on his training and was introduced to Paul Delaroche who took him in and began his training in magic. The first thing he learned was to increase his mental defenses and so finally he was able to block most of rings influence and for the most part, his nightmares were gone and he could at last sleep.

In the Sagrassa clan he found allies in his war wjth the undead. He even spent time as one of the Vindicators. He even found time to occassionally perform and started composing his next rock opera Nosfuratu, enjoying the thought of doing a musical basded on a ssilent movie. All and all, life was good,

He should have known it wouldn’t last.

No one is sure what happened but it became clear that something had changed. Fletccher Gibson was no longer seen in public and those who got close enough to see reported he was swathed in bandages. More so he withdrew from all social contact and seemed to become dolry focused on his war on the undead and that was with a grim intensity he hadn’t displayed before.

The Adjudicator

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