High priest of Quetzalcoatl and city council rep



Teoxihuitl is typical of his race in that he has bronze skin and stands just five foot seven. However he possesses a regal bearing and his dark eyes hold a fiery intensity. He is most often seen in his robes of office, golden sandals and feathered headdress.


Teoxihuitl’s past is not well known; conversations with his fellow Aztecs have revealed very little about him other than he is from a noble family and he had been driven from his city along with his followers to settle about the abandoned pyramid to live in the shadow of their god.

Arrogant and difficult to deal with, Teoxihuitl can make any city council meeting interesting as he can sometimes enter into long diatribes (conveyed through his translator), making unreasonable demands. By the same token he can show shrewd political saavy when it comes to using his vote to sway certain policy making decisions.


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