Tech Princess

The Tech-Princess of Valamar


With an appearance that passes for human, Sha’el’Uriel, The Tech-Princess of Valamar is a being of grace and poise. Blonde, seven feet tall, and very shapely, she seems to radiate that royal presence that is her birthright.

In combat, she wears a white and pink suit of a highly-reinforced and flexible metal. It almost looks like a ball-gown dress more than combat gear. Stylus in her hair help project a forcefield facemask, when she is forced into combat.



As her title suggests, Sha’el is very technology-oriented, serving as an analyst and outfitter for the team. She’s very studied in both multiple kinds of alien tech as well as Earth technology, and has a keen grasp of it all.

Its been said that she actually talks to all machines, but the truth of the matter is that her personal organic harddrive is what she speaks to. The hard drive is capable of momentous amounts of processor power, adaptability, and reconfiguration, via use of cables, wireless signals, or nano-beams.

In raw physical ability, she is stronger than most humans, able to pick up the back of a car without much issue. Her body is resistant to damage, but not overly so. She’s immune to all disease, and able to travel short distances in space without issues, as long as she’s in her exoframe.

Her exoframe is limited in its outright combat ability, but does provide flight, basic energy blasts, as well as a reconfigurable barrier protection. Her primary focus in combat is to tend to the wounded or maintain a nano-beam on robotic/cybernetic targets to boost or sap their efficiency, generally by 30%.

Disposition: Regal, noble, and responsible, Sha’el is an exemplar of the belief that nobility is there to serve their populace. She takes her duties seriously, and for now, accepts the humans of Earth as her charge. Sha’el is somewhat ignorant of most of human life outside of their technology, unwittingly playing the fool in social situations. She tends to be sincere and compassionate, though a bit serious at times.

History: As part of the giant space-faring civilization, the Teguti, Sha’el traveled in a massive migrating fleet of ships, ever searching for their ancient homeland, lost so long ago that they have little chance of finding it anymore.

Not set to be simply royalty, Sha’el was praised through her studies, giving her the much-honored title of Tech-Princess. Eventually, she will be destined to lead her migrant fleet throughout the galaxy in search of their home. Until that time, she has opted to study upon Earth, a noted focal point of the universe, in hopes that the mysterious planet may offer her some clues as to where she may lead her people onward, to the home they have left behind.


Tech Princess is aided by Chirrup, an advanced robot that provides her with a variety of useful functions.

Tech Princess

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