Tari Oronar

Princess of "Avalon Estates"


Tari Oronar is a lovely, slender young woman with straight brown hair she often wears in a bun to add years to her appearance, her eyes are a warm, liquid brown. She is often seen wearing white.


The daughter of Queen Nalla and King Amar, Tari Oronar was vacationing at her Summer castle when The Event happened. One morning she was preparing for a day of horse back riding and other frivolous entertainments, the next acres of her parents’ kingdom were transplanted elsewhere! But Tari proved to be equal to the challenge facing her and the subjects who found themselves in exile with her. She quickly set about establishing her rights in regards to her position with the United States and United Nations as well as Motor City (now known as Science City, much to her amusement).

Tari is a shrewd politician and has a decent grasp of economics. She is well aware of the resources her tiny fiefdom can provide and makes the most of them.

Tari Oronar

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