The Envoy's husband


A typical male of his species, Tang stands almost seven feet tall has a green carapace. He bears a passing resemblance to an Earth praying mantis.


tang.jpgA member of the Axonusar species, Tang was a member of a research team that had been sent to the Sol system’s “neighborhood” to look for rare fissionable materials, among other things. The explorers were not particularly surprised to discover a civilization present upon the third planet; life was pretty common in the universe. What they were not expecting was the advanced weapons platform in orbit that shot their research craft. Crippled, the ship crashed in a region ruled by a totalitarian state. Tang and his fellow crew-the ones who survived the crash-were captured. Some were experimented upon, others interrogated to the point of death. Tang was fortunate, his martial skills were seen as a benefit and he was spared to act as a soldier for the Chinese.

Tang served loyally for over twenty years until a mission in Vancouver spelled the end of his team. Most were either killed or captured by local authorities in an attempt to capture Sonik, a former Soviet Spetnaz soldier who now worked at Pure Power’s Plant. Sonik and a local team of young heroes known as the Neo Phyters held their own, and only Tang and Radiant Sage managed to escape. Later the pair escaped to rescue a young woman from the Fong clan. Radiant Sage died and Tang almost did as well, but the ’Phyter Redcap saved his life. A grateful Tang devoted his life to serving the Western heroes.

Later, Tang volunteered his services to the heroes bound for space to stop an intergalactic threat so that he would be able to at last re-unite with his species. After meeting with the queens of his hive he was rejected, considered too contaminated by his decades of involuntary exile on Earth. Disheartened, Tang returned to Earth, little purpose left in his life, until he met Glin Chet’crebinel, the Galactic Confederacy’s representative on Earth. She hired him as a personal assistant and he became her most loyal (one could argue slavishly so) employee, and later husband when certain immigration issues arose that would draw him back to his home planet, where his head would literally wind up on a plate.

POWERS/SKILLS: The Axonusar is a species that has some relation to insects. They possess a very tough exo-skeleton, have an excellent sense of smell due to their antennae but this is offset by poor vision, being relatively far sighted and having poor night vision. Tang is a lethal hand-to-hand combatant, very fast and agile. He is also very experienced in a wide variety of technical fields.

A typical male, Tang stands almost seven feet tall and has tremendously quick reflexes. He has a highly effective hand-to-hand style that takes advantage of his speed. Tang is a competent pilot and has some technical skills, and can effect minor repairs and jury rig basic systems on board a ship.


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