Shelley Ebner

"Nerdy Girl"


Shelley is a pretty young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, she wears glasses for reading and is often spotted wearing various super hero t-shirts and jeans.


Shelly Ebner was always a hardcore nerd, always more interested in comic books, science fiction and fantasy more than anything else, much to the dismay of her boring straight laced parents. She majored in art in college and earned a degree but she never managed to make it in the business. In the end she had to settle for a job at the local comic book store. However, this did not stop her from starting up a fairly successful sideline as an internet writer. Soon she was doing weekly “Nerd Girl” vlogs, discussing movies, comic books, the state of the comic book industry as well as super heroes and acquired a following on the ’net. Soon she and a half dozen other bloggers and vloggers had formed Nerdy Girls, a web site dedicated to all that was nerdy.

During the aftermath of D-Day Shelly had come across Luthelde Lantaneil, who had driven herself near the point of exhaustion helping to protect the city and it’s citizens. Shelly took pity on her and took her home, pretty much adopting the elven sorceress like a stray cat. Luthelde was shocked at the generosity and the pair became friends as a a result.

Shelley is wry, irreverent, and funny. She is very knowledgeable about super heroes, comics and general nerd-dom. But she is also an expert on the history of Detroit and Motor City/Science City.

The Comic Bunker was owned by Henry Graham who struggled to keep the place open and afloat over the years and finally decided to pack it in and sell the name to Shelly. Shelly’s first move was to close down the old store and wangle her way into a deal to rent space in the first floor of Sentinels Stronghold, part of said deal being she would have the team’s merch prominently on display at all times.

Shelley Ebner

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