Real Name: Lazlo Tanner



Lazlo grew up in San Francisco and lived a pretty normal life. His father is database developer and his mother worked for a long time as a school teacher before retiring.

As an only child, Lazlo spent a lot of time with his nose in a book, but was a well rounded kid who also did well at sports and found that he liked snowboarding a lot when his parents could arrange trips up to the mountains.

In high school he discovered that he had a real talent for physics and chemistry, and with the mentoring of a teacher (Mr. McGilveray) he managed to land a scholarship at Berkeley. While in college he decided to specialize in metallurgy. The year before he graduated Optimum Industries started recruiting him, and after he got his masters degree he moved to Science City after receiving an offer to work in their Experimental Materials Lab with the proviso that he could still work on his doctorate.

The Experimental Materials Lab at Optimum Industries was incredible. Lazlo was working with materials he had never heard of before, not knowing they were secretly Tandian in origin. He was excited to be synthesizing entirely new alloys, and was able to find applications for materials that would revolutionize technology.

That all came to an end when the CEO’s crimes started being uncovered, and right as Raymond Marcy’s trials started Lazlo had his last night working in OI’s labs.

Lazlo doesn’t know if he was just distracted, or if other researchers had ignored safety protocols, but something went terribly wrong one night. Looking back, after all of OI’s dirty laundry was aired, Lazlo can’t help but think that it may have been sabotage.

Working late one night, Lazlo was running a cryogenic sequence on some rare earth alloys to test their limits,when a small explosion ripped through the equipment, sending a wave of cryogenic fluid and alien alloy shrapnel through the lab. Lazlo was surprised when he actually woke up, but he found himself changed. His entire body has been bleached a white/silver color, and he would later find that his eyes now glow a crystalline blue.

He also found that despite the lab still being pretty cold he was starting to feel way too warm. Working quickly he adapted a hazardous material suit and some portable cryogenic units to stabilize his body temperature. Later he would refine this design into a lightweight suit covering mostly his torso and legs that lets him move easily but keeps him from overheating.


Lazlo can affect the temperature around him in a localized area, easily dropping even a warm room to freezing temperatures. This lets him create cold mist even indoors. If he touches something he can freeze it much further, and use the cold and ice crystals that result to break things (thus the name, Shatterpoint).

He can also concentrate the moisture in the air to create ice, and over the years has turned this into a versatile ability that allows for creating sheets of ice, coating things in layers of ice, forming shields, and even hurling icicles. He can also slide quickly along the ground, making ice underneath him with one hand while propelling himself forward by projecting it behind him to “snowboard” across surfaces.

The more actual water there is in the area around him, the better all of his powers work.


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