Selena Gordon

Mayor of Science City


Selena Gordon is an attractive woman with an athletic build, she stands at an imposing five foot ten and has warm blue eyes and short blonde hair. When working she often dresses conservatively in business suits or knee length dresses, but “off duty” she can be found wearing cutoffs and t-shirts.


Selena Gordon had been an United States Air Force pilot who had honorably resigned her commission when she grew dissatisfied with her work. She had opted to enter civilian life as an airline pilot, but a friend of her suggested another line of work, that as the pilot for a new super hero team in Science City called The Vindicators. She agreed and found the work to be both rewarding and highly dangerous. Over the years she had been shot out of the sky no less than twelve times. Then the team broke up and she resolved to take up a less dangerous line of work by opening up a charter service in Alaska. It was a boring job but satisfying as it meant a stable life for her, her husband and their three kids.

Then The Event happened in Science City in 2015. Selena had always considered the town her home and she came back to it, acting in an emergency capacity. Her past experience both as an Air Force pilot and pilot for The Vindicators meant she had received quite a bit of media exposure as she flew in emergency supplies hour after hour. A photo was taken of her asleep on a cot in her flight suit with her youngest daughter napping with her went viral. Gordon was approached with the idea of her running for mayor in 2016. She had no desire to.

Then she met Mayor Nostle and while he was a good enough public servant to handle the old Science City, he had no clue what to do with the new. Selena agreed to run and she beat Nostle by a narrow margin. Now in her second term, Selena has more ambitious plans for the city, including a potential merger between her town and Warren, among other things.

Gordon is considered incorruptible and is wildly popular among a wide demographic. While her marriage has been a little shaky her husband has stepped up and proven to be very supportive. In fact his background as a civil engineer was instrumental in aiding his wife spotting blatant pork projects and potential infrastructure problems in her city.

Selena Gordon

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