Sara Griffith Pathkiller

Head of 3E (NPC)


Sarah is an attractive woman who looks almost a decade younger than her forty four years. She has thick brown shoulder length hair and pretty hazel eyes. Low largely retired as a super heroine she is found more often than not wearing sharp business suits rather than a costume, but back in the day when she was Valiant said costume consisted of a suit of matte black armor that superficially resembled chainmail but is in reality was a high tensile plastic/kevlar weave, along with a pair of armored dark green gauntlets that reached to her elbows and matching knee high boots. Early in her career the boots and gauntlets were red and she wore a knee length tabard that displayed the union Jack, cinched at the waist by a white utility belt, but later in her career she opted for the green and the tabard was replaced by one that displayed a stylized Welsh dragon.


BACKGROUND: Sara was a super hero legacy, the daughter of The Cavalier. Growing up her only true desire was to follow in her father’s footsteps, to become his successor. Her father Brian had other ideas, however, and struggled with her for years to insure she received a proper education and devoted her life to a less dangerous profession, going so far as denying her the chance to be his sidekick (calling herself “The Squire”), Lionheart’s sidekick (as “The Cub”), and preventing her her from joining a band of young heroes calling themselves the London Knights (When she was calling herself, briefly, Paladin).

But Sara was and is a very determined woman and by the time she was twenty four she had become Valiant whether her father approved or not. Brian realized he had lost and turned instead to helping her daughter however he could. Sara proved to be a fair hero; a founding member of The Vindicators, she had saved the Earth on more than one occasion, had visited outer space, and had numerous adventures. But to her the greatest adventure was when she had married Matthew Pathkiller, the hero Wolf.

Sara later became leader of Great Britain’s premier super team, Storm Guard, but by this stage of her career her desire to be a heroine had been quenched. To her shock she wanted to settle down a bit, have children, do something else with her life. She fell into an advisory role to the Prime Minister regarding paranormal affairs and ultimately became deputy head of the Extranormal Exploration Executive (Or 3E, formerly known as MI16*), Great Britain’s organization tasked with the research and control of unusual threats to the realm.

Now a proud mother of two rambunctious adolescents, Sara is quite comfortable in her role these days. It would take an act of God or a request from Royalty to get her to put on her costume again. Even if she knows it still fits rather well. And the gear in her utility belt all functions.

POWERS: Sara possesses two powers. The first is her ability to fly at high sub sonic speeds. Her body is adapted to this; her eyes, throat and skin are able to handle the stress of high velocity winds, low pressure and both frigid temperatures from high altitude and from the heat of friction. Her lungs are able to take in and process oxygen much more efficiently than a normal human’s, allowing her to breath at altitudes that would kill most people.

Sara’s other power is the ability to create force fields. With these fields she can protect herself with a sheath around her body, or use them to cover a much wider area (her largest force field covered 10,000 square feet). But the larger the force field the less effective it becomes. She has developed a series of tricks with the fields; she can carry several tons, or use them as grappling hands or as battering rams. At the widest stretch her force fields are able to stop high calibre bullets, covering just her body they can stop more lethal force, but they do not cancel out inertia; if she were hit with an artillery shell, for example, Valiant would suffer from the concussive knockback. For this reason she relies as much on mobility as she does her field. Also, the more she uses the field in offense the weaker her defensive fields become.

Sara is an excellent aerialist and can perform complex maneuvers in mid-air, something she still practices to this day despite being retired.

PERSONALITY: Sara is an intelligent woman possessing a wry sense of humor. Years of derring-do, surviving numerous injuries and near death experiences have given her an almost reckless sense of self confidence, which is tempered by a greater sense of responsibility towards her family and innocents that require her protection.

SKILLS: Sara is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant, drawn from years of working with various members of The Vindicators and Storm Guard as well as sparring with her husband Matthew. She possesses a degree in engineering from Cal Tech, and is a fair hand at both mechanical and electrical engineering.

Over the years Sara has honed her political and administrative to a fine edge. She is tremendous popular with the public at large and is respected among political leaders.

EQUIPMENT: As Valiant Sara’s armor provides her with a measure of protection. She has included a pair of gauntlets to protect her wrists and forearms that contain special compartments for narrow and useful items such as credit cards. The right gauntlet also mounted housed a retractable 2’ diameter shield that was highly bullet resistant.

Sarah used to wear a “utility belt” containing the following:

Electrician’s kit; consisting of a very small soldering device as well as numerous small tools
First aid kit: A very small first aid kit with bandages, disinfectant, etc.
Monocular/Magnifying Glass: Can also be attached to her goggles to take full advantage of her IR/UV options
Plastic Cuffs: Several plastic hand cuffs which are also used by police officers today
Swiss Army Knife
Stainless Steel Cigarette Lighter
Gas Mask
Third Generation Pocket Comp/Global Positioning System
Flash Light

Sara also wore a pair of goggles that allow her to see infra-red and possessed low-light capability. Their other feature was to act as glare-protection against flash attacks. She also employed other equipment as the needs arose.

As a civilian, Sara always has her trusty Swiss Army knife on hand, the same one she has owned for more than thirty years, as well as other small items that can easily be carried upon her person.

Sara Griffith Pathkiller

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