Robert Russel

Former President of The United States


President Russel is a handsome man in his late fifties, he possesses a thick head of gray hair and pale blue eyes. He is in pretty good shape for his age and is often seen wearing a pair of glasses and conservative suits.


robert_russell.jpgRobert Russel was a successful defense attorney, but he had developed demons early on in his life that would come to haunt him. Gambling and drinking addictions cost him a profitable practice and his marriage. Some men would have given up, but Robert rallied and became a public defender, entered programs to conquer his addictions and turned his life around. It was his reputation of unwavering honesty that earned him the respect of his peers and gained the attention of prominent political figures. When his state’s Senator died half way through his term Russel was approached to run for his office. Robert reluctantly agreed, figuring he didn’t have a chance anyway. He took the opportunity to speak his mind on anything and everything and to his surprise his unwavering and fearless honesty got him elected. Robert decided to keep it up in the Senate and he became both admired and reviled. He voted based on his conscience and was not afraid to speak out against members of his own party. No one really liked him so when the next Presidential election came up he was asked to run for Vice President as he was a safe choice since everyone in Congress and Senate disliked him equally and the populace loved him. Besides, if O’Connell was elected then Russel would have been in a position of impotence as Vice President. President O’Connell was elected President.

A year later the third Tandian Invasion happened and President O’Connell went down in Air Force One. An hour later Robert Russell was sworn in as President of The United States.

Russel served two terms with distinction, these days he is enjoying his retirement in his large home in Gross Pointe, writing his memoirs and occasionally getting involved in various charitable events.

Robert Russel

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