Self professed ancient diety


Quetzalcoatl is an immense feathered serpent with scales ranging from jade to forest green, his feathers vary in hue from green to blue to red. Its eyes glow an unearthly gold and its mouth is full of wicked looking fangs.


Making his home in the pyramid found in Aztec Acres, the being called Quetzalcoatl is a fickle and difficult being to deal with. It sleeps sometimes for days at a time, and when it is awake demands “tribute” in the form of a live cow. It offers cryptic “wisdom” at best and the more people interact with it the less people believe this is the true god of legend, or if it is it was highly over rated in terms of his contributions to various meso-American cultures.

Quetzalcoatl loves sitcoms, it especially loves old episodes of Seinfeld, Night Court (both iterations), Cheers, Golden Girls, Designing Women, Punky Brewster and ALF.


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