Quantum Mechanic


Doctor Kinkaid appears to be a cute, petite fourteen year old girl with a mop of brown hair. She is often seen wearing a lab coat over comfortable casual clothes and sometimes she wears glasses. Not that she has a prescription; she just thinks they make her look older and people might take her more seriously as a result.

As Quantum Mechanic she wears a burgundy costume with blue boots, gloves and piping along with a matching equipment belt.


In ‘00 the Tandians, extra-dimensional empire builders, arranged a pre-invasion plan to take out many of Earth’s super hero teams. Part of their plot was to replace members of the teams with clones to defeat them from within. These clones would have all the memories of the originals and be unaware of the programming. In Doctor Teresa Kinkaid’s case she was captured and replaced some six months before the invasion. Her replacement had gotten her spine snapped by a super villain and was laid up when the invasion happened, so she was unable to betray The Vindicators. The Vins rescued the captured heroes and came home to a duplicate Kinkaid.

Normal people would have freaked out to have come home to a duplicate who had replaced you for six months. But for Teresa Kinkaid she saw it more as coming home to discovering you had a twin sister. For the clone it took quite a while for her to adjust to the fact that she was a copy, but finding the originals parents had seen her as a long lost daughter helped.

Over the years both Kinkaids formed a strong bond, as strong as any found between sisters.

POWERS: Originally both Kinkaids had similar powers, but at different times "radiation accidents caused them to change dramatically. While the original had developed the ability to control the electromagnetic spectrum, the clone had gained the ability to manipulate matter down to a subatomic level.

Teresa has the ability to quickly heal from any injury save one that would kill her outright. She has regenerated fingers (although it does take some weeks for such a recovery to occur), fully recuperated from concussions and even survived exposure to a class IV virus. This power is what holds her Nevison’s Syndrome in check; it still sits in her cells, waiting for release. During those rare times when she has suffered broken bones her body quickly resets them, no matter how much it hurts. It is estimated she heals some ten times faster than a normal healthy person.

Teresa’s reflexes and agility both are abnormally high and she has excellent motor control. Her body is resistant to damage; she is able to withstand small arms fire without serious injury and can endure temperature extremes from the arctic to Death Valley.

Quantum Mechanic is able to manipulate matter down to a subatomic level, she can alter a material’s natural state (i.e. solidify water, liquefy metal) or change it’s atomic structure completely and make something of similar mass (i.e. lead into gold), or make it come apart entirely (disintegration). All changes are permanent. QM is also able to control organic matter to a very limited extent; since organic matter is much more complex she is usually only able to cause things like wood to disintegrate, although when it comes to wounds, both minor and traumatic she can “heal” a person. The wounds must be relatively recent for her to be able to do anything, however. She can use this ability on herself as well. She can also use this ability to cause traumatic injuries to people although she is loathe to do so unless it is absolutely necessary.

Some of QM’s favorite tricks are to turn the gunpowder in guns to graphite, a simple trick of altering the carbon found in the charcoal, or at least to find whatever is used as ammunition and render it inert. She also likes to sometimes “skate” across surfaces, altering the reaction between the atoms of her soles and the surface she is on. She also uses this trick to climb walls and ceilings. She has performed mundane feats like altering the color of her clothes or changing their shape and fantastic ones like turning a robot into glass. The more impressive the feat the closer she needs to be to a target, sometimes actually touching it.

QM’s powers are limited by line of sight and the amount of mass she is able to affect drops off the farther away she is from it. Her perceptions are such that she analyze items down to a sub-molecular level. QM’s powers do not work directly against magical objects or beings.

Teresa is highly intelligent and has a Doctorate in Genetics. She is also a talented chess player, a decent singer and can play a mean axe. She is also a pretty good dancer. Since acquiring a different set of powers she has educated herself in the field of Quantum Physics.

In the field Teresa often has on her person a well equipped compact first aid/trauma kit, as well as a Swiss Army knife, multi-tool, phone, and zip ties (for tying up perps), as well as extra rubber gloves and evidence bags. While she realizes she can create many of these items herself she keeps them on hand more from habit than anything else; she has lost powers before so she likes to be prepared.

Quantum Mechanic

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