Odessa Trueheart

Former Head of the BPA, Deceased


Odessa was a handsome woman in her mid-fifties, she stood a lean five foot nine and kept her straight black hair cut relatively short. She was always seen wearing black women’s suits and low heeled shoes.


Odessa had been raised all her life around guns. Her family had a proud tradition of police officers and soldiers as well as the odd fire fighter or two in her family tree. She had killed her first buck when she was ten and from there she had hunted turkey, boar, duck, whatever was in season. And Odessa ate what she killed, too; her upbringing taught her no other way. When she came of age and it was time to choose a career Odessa chose the life of a soldier. She impressed her superiors and managed to make it to the Rangers. It was on an assignment in Iraq when Odessa’s life got a little…strange. Her squad was sent on a recon and came across some recently unearthed ruins. Inside was a host of undead cursed soldiers, men who had displeased Saddam and had been left for dead in the ruins along with some very toxic waste. a firefight ensued and Odessa found herself to be the only one unharmed. The sergeant and corporal wounded, she told the rest of the soldiers to make their way to safety while she drew the attention of the undead horrors, leading them back into the ruins. Her fellow soldiers figured she was going to be a posthumous Medal of Honor earner but Odessa wound up fooling them all. Deep in those ruins she came across an artifact looted from an Egyptian tomb, a jewel known as the Eye of Horus. It granted her amazing sight, an ability to see things no one normally could. She took advantage of this newfound ability to trick the undead into a cul de sac and bring the tomb around their heads with some well placed C4.

Odessa returned to acclaim but she was modest about the ordeal and reported her new abilities to her superiors. After a consultation with civilian authorities it was felt her powers would be of better use in the Federal Paranormal Bureau of Investigation. There Odessa served well and garnered many commendations for her work, but it all came apart later in her career when the organization was renamed the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation and made a separate entity from the FBI. Matthew Pathkiller was named head of the organization and Odessa in anger claimed that he was a “diversity hire”. Normally that would have destroyed any career when word got out, But Matthew Pathkiller stepped up and defended her. His impromptu “diversity hire” speech proved to be electrifying, pointing out how politicians were often pressured to hire not based on talent or merit but by skin color or sex in order to appear to be impartial. Appearance was everything to some, he pointed out, and “some” would label Trueheart a racist when in fact she had a valid point. The speech-and Pathkiller’s platonic hug and Trueheart almost being brought to tears, pretty much saved her career.

Odessa proved to be a competent politician but at heart she had always been a cop. When she was compelled to put Herzog in the Chicago BPA branch she had never trusted him. She had uncovered evidence of his conspiring with extra-terrestrial smugglers but Herzog had found out she knew and slew her. The man thought he had adequately covered his tracks but Anthony Zhen sniffed out his crime and Herzog had barely been able to evade capture.

A bust of Trueheart is on display of the lobby of BPA headquarters in Washington DC.

Odessa possesses 20/5 vision, better than any normal human. She is able to see through walls, in total darkness and is even able to tell when someone is wearing a magical disguise. In terms of her mundane talents she is utterly lethal with a knife, and is rated an expert with just about any handgun in existence as well as heavy weapons. As a former United States Army Ranger she has extensive survival skills.

Odessa is an able administrator, her only drawback being her lack of tact.

Odessa Trueheart

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