Pure Power Instructor (NPC)


Andros, Dobry and Marian Grabowski were three kids who came with their parents to Detroit during the huge construction boom of the seventies. They were identical triplets and were always up to some form of no good or another and no one had any idea they possessed powers. Oh sure, they always seemed to know what the other was thinking, but beyond that there didn’t seem to be anything strange about them.

Until one day late in ’79 when a villain known as Roadkill ran amok. The three kids were with their mother when the mad trucker almost ran her down. It was then that the three combined into one being: Manifold! He easily trashed the truck and apprehended Roadkill. The three teens quickly acquired some acclaim and it seemed they were destined for greatness.

Only…not so much. In order to become Manifold all three brothers had to be in close proximity and they all had private lives and ambitions. So over the years Manifold’s appearances were few and far between.

These days the three brothers have settled in Motor City and have agreed to act as Pure Power Plant’s head, sharing duties. Andros, who had been a high school chemistry professor, works on the academic side of things, he also has a knack for organization. Dobry became a successful business executive and deals with the financial aspects. Marian is an attorney and he shares in his brother Andros’ dealings with the students, specializing in the legal aspects of super crime and how to deal with law enforcement.

Manifold collectively retired by 2030.


The three brothers alone possess no powers. When they combine as Manifold the being shares their combined experiences. For this reason all three brothers over time found themselves pursuing different interests. Andros took courses in Krav Maga, Dobry has extensive knowledge regarding computers, and Marian has some experience with firearms.

Manifold is some hundred times stronger than a normal human being, he is also more agile and very durable. In the old days Manifold could be manifested for almost an entire day, but now the three brothers can form him for only a few scant hours before the strain is too much.


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