Maggie Auger

Genius Industrialist


Maggie Auger is an attractive woman in her mid-forties, although due to certain illegal technologies she appears to be physically in her twenties. She is usually seen in sharp yet functional business suits.

The AWESOME weapon system is a skin tight red and white body suit that seems to be made of some shiny material, with what appears to be a flat pack mounted on the back.


Powers : Maggie has no inherent powers other than her inventive genius. She also has a near-eidetic memory as well as being able to speed read. Given enough Red Bull or Amp she could go hours without sleep.

Skills: Mags is an expert in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Quantum Mechanics, and is a masterful electrical and mechanical engineer. Her ability to construct hi-tech devices is very impressive and she is able to analyze and deconstruct many types of technology. Some types of tech might be beyond her understanding but she can easily grasp concepts even if she cannot replicate the gear behind them. She is an expert when it comes to writing software as well. Her code isn’t very elegant but it gets the job done.

Mags has some experience with martial arts; by no means an expert, she is able to defend herself to some extent. If she is for one reason or another forced into a hand-to-hand fight it would be inelegant and bloody as she would immediately go for the eyes, screaming all the way.

Mags’ business acumen is as impressive as her mastery of technology and science and has become the richest person in the Solar System as a result.

Mags is a competent driver and pilot of various aircraft as well as water craft. She is fluent in Spanish, Canadian French, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese. She has mastered the drums and loved to rock out in her younger days.

Background : Magdalena was born to a nice couple in Edmonton, Jude and Lara. Her mother repaired computers, while her father was a high school music teacher. Almost immediately the couple could tell their daughter was…different. She would constantly build exotic and fascinating Lego constructions. At age six she got ahold of her father’s old Erector set and quickly mastered it. She tore apart the family PC and put it back together, then tore it apart again and using spare parts her mother had left lying around improved it’s memory and graphics card.

Clearly, Jude and Lara thought, their kid was a little strange.

As she grew up Mags discovered her uber-geek personality alienated classmates. Oddly enough, she figured out that posing as a mutant with magnetic powers went over better than someone with a triple digit IQ. So she and her parents set up “The Big Lie” and Maid of Awesome, Mistress of Magnetism was born. In the mean time her parents proceeded to manage Maid’s finances, patenting some of her inventions for serious coin. Exposure to The Vindicators made Maid realize The Big Lie sucked and she decided to come clean with the world. Briefly working with The Vindicators, she found that teaming up with the Neo Phyters was a much more enjoyable experience. While her team mates found her a little strange they were all misfits and got along very well.

Over time Maggie’s priorities changed and she super heroed less and less to the point where her various super heroic personas were retired. An attempt on her life in 2029 almost killed her and an illegal brain transplant into a clone body was conducted. To avoid prosecution on Earth she has chosen exile to Mars where she still runs her ever growing economic empire.


Maggie is always equipped with a small arsenal of useful and potentially dangerous items, most often in the form of seemingly innocuous objects. Her clothing is often made of teflex and duraweave. But her most effect equipment is her AWESOME costume:

The AWESOME (Applied Weaponry, Energy Strauss Outfitted, Multi-Execution), is the very latest in technology, a costume consisting of a body suit constructed of the latest resilient materials. Over this suit is a layer of nanites that can perform a series of pre-programmed functions. The primary function is to allow Maggie to manipulate electromagnetic fields to allow her to create a protective personal force field and to fly as well as manipulate ferrous matter to a small degree. The suit is space capable, provide excellent protection from vacuum and hard radiation with an ultra-efficient air filtration system. She is able to manipulate the nanites to create different shapes, anything as small as what can be found in a Swiss Army knife to the most extreme a parachute, along with various items in between such as a sword and shield. The backpack provides a storehouse of extra nanites as the suit’s weapon system uses them as fuel and ammunition. The system also provides her with an impressive communications and sensor suite as well as visual and auditory protection. The most impressive weapon is a high power laser which can focus the full potential of the Strauss Particles powering the armor.

At a command Maggie can fire bolts of nanites for a variety of effects. Thus far the pre-programmed nanite “bombs” include:

Acid, capable of eating through a wide variety of matter
Armor Piercing
Fire Extinguisher
“Oil Slick”
Slug (similar to a stun gun round)
Smoke Screen

While some of the attacks burn up nanites others can be recycled back into they system to some extent (i.e. Glue, Slug). The AWESOME weapon system is rather expensive to operate which is why so far no element of it’s construction is available to the public, which includes Earth’s militaries.

Maggie Auger

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