Luthelde Lantaneil

Pan-dimensional sorceress (GMPC)


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BACKGROUND: An extra-dimensional empire, the Tandians, had turned their avaricious eyes upon another Earth and struck upon multiple fronts. The planet’s heroes, those not struck low by Tandian treachery, rose to the challenge but they would not be enough to shake off the oppressive yoke. The Morrigan’s apprentice had in desperation turned to the Faey folk for aid and Titania and Oberon, queen and king of the Sidhe, answered the call. They staged a counter attack in Ireland helped to drive the Tandian’s beastly Fir Bolg foot soldiers back.

And then…the Sidhe stayed. They formed a colony in Ireland, a magnificent city they called Murentenshelien. And here Titania and Oberon held court. And among this court was a minor noble of negligible rank called Luthelde Lantaneil. And she was one of Oberon’s many, many lovers. She grew overly confident of her status as Oberon’s favorite of the month and she discovered that month had been a very bad time to grow arrogant. Oberon had attempted a bold stratagem and it blew up in his face and he was taken in by the British authorities. During this brief period Titania ruled alone and she cleaned house. Dozens of hangers-ons were dispatched, either with the sword or exile. Luthelde was fortunate to fall into the latter. She was set adrift on the dimensional tides, taking menial tasks, performing simple tricks as an illusionist to make ends meet. For a former member of the Sidhe court it was humiliating.

Luthelde found herself without funds, without friends and without any means to get back into the graces of Oberon or to appease Titania. She had been dumped unceremoniously into Motor City and she realized her options were to use her sorcery to turn to crime, or to become homeless. On the eve of her first criminal act D-Day happened and the world went insane, and Luthelde found herself in a very strange set of circumstances, namely that she found herself rescuing innocents and helping to restore order to chaos. Her efforts were not unnoticed and almost over night she was hailed Motor City’s newest hero. The sensation of being admired and respected based on meritorious acts was a strange one, but not unpleasant.

Luthelde provides services in the realm of magical investigation and solving problems too strange for conventional law enforcement to solve, which also means sometimes she finds herself fighting “super crime”. Despite sometimes charging exorbitant fees from rich clients she can barely make ends meet.

PERSONALITY: Luthelde’s original selfish and self centered attitudes have been greatly diminished, replaced by a sense of responsibility for her fellow sentient beings and a desire to do the right thing…more often than not. Her arrogance has been greatly tempered and she has actually become a pleasant person…most of the time.

Luthelde is the sort to avoid a fight whenever possible but this by no means makes her a coward. She simply feels avoiding a conflict is preferable to beating people up.

Luthelde enjoys the good life; fine wines, jewelry, the box seat at an opera, which often means whatever profits she might net are quickly spent.

POWERS/SKILLS/EQUIPMENT: Due to Luthelde’s elven heritage she is extremely long lived. A young adult by elven standards, she possesses an innate mystical talent and like many elves and faey folk her talents lean more towards glamour. She is able to effortlessly create mean or grand illusions, from altering her appearance to the environment around her. The larger the illusion the more easily they are to be seen through; one affecting solely her can affect even electronic devises, whereas one surrounding her up to a dozen yards away would only work upon the weak minded.

Luthelde is able to employ spells from other disciplines but they are more difficult for her to memorize and cast. To aid her she memorizes and stores spells in one of her wands. She carries three; one for offense, one for defense, and one that may hold utility spells (i.e. teleportation, healing, etc.). Switching from wand to wand is no easy feat and it takes her some moments to switch between them due to the potent powers contained in each*.

Luthelde’s favorite tactic is to simply not be where her opponents think she is. She will create an illusion displacing her from a few feet away and when an opponent commits, she will strike! When facing multiple foes she likes to make one of them look like her to sow chaos among their ranks.

Luthelde is fluent in both English and Mandarin, and she knows a little bit of Cantonese. She possesses considerable knowledge concerning the occult and has contacts in that world, and she is quite knowledgeable about the good things in life like fine wines and art. Almost against her will, she has been tutored in the use of computers, although she still has no idea how to drive a car.

Luthelde possesses other a magical tiara that gives her the gift of tongues. She also wears a pair of boots that allow her to leap great distances and to run up walls and other vertical or near-vertical surfaces (However, the more treacherous the surface the less chance she could negotiate it with the boots.).

*In game terms, she would have to sacrifice a round in order to switch between wands.

Luthelde Lantaneil

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