Joshua Trenton


Joshua Trenton is an attractive man of late middle age often having a serious expression on his face. He often looks dour and his smiles look more like grimaces. His wardrobe consists of extremes; either he’s dressed to the nines or can be found wearing worn coveralls and scuffed work boots as he gets his hands dirty on a project.


Joshua “Josh” Trenton had been a technical expert at Door Co. who had been treated unfairly by his employers. His patents stolen, without the money to sue, Josh decided to take more extreme action. he called himself Black Laser and tried to get revenge but was captured by authorities early in his career. Joshua broke out of jail and laid low, and discovered through the grapevine that a woman named Permafrost was creating a super villain group. He approached her with his gear and told her his background (who would have thought four years playing college hockey would pay off?). Permafrost took an instant liking to his professional attitude, his skills, and his willingness to be a team player. She signed him up immediately and had him change his name to “Black Ice” to fit in with the team’s theme.

After a series of defeats at the hands of various super hero groups Josh decided to alter his equipment. He created a suit of armor that afforded him greater protection as well as the ability to allow him to carry more effective firepower. He had been arrested, but made parole under classified circumstances. As it turned out Trenton had gotten a job as an authority on lasers and has worked for both the United States and United Nations on their space ships. It seemed he had fully reformed.

Josh’s spare time-what little there is of it-is to restore classic muscle cars. His work is often showcased at the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Joshua Trenton

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