Joseph Sagat Jr.

Form Head of House Sargasso, Deceased


Grimoire was a handsome elderly man, prior to his demise he was very well preserved due both to magic as well as exercise and proper dieting. He had thinning gray hair and a well trimmed beard and brown eyes. When he dressed for an occasion he did so in the finest style, albeit conservatively.

When he was the super hero Grimoire he wore black suits and black silken shirts or turtlenecks, but seldom a tie as early in his career someone grabbed it and almost broke his neck. He also wore a trench coat and fedora and almost always sported magical sunglasses that did not impair his vision. In the early days he used a simple spell to make himself look older but as the years wore on the disguise was less and less effective as he approached his present age. He sported a pony tail and mustache in those days.


Many years ago a young sorcerer named Joseph, hailing from Toronto, Canada, stumbled upon a dark ceremony that was being performed by the insidious Graves clan. Not wishing to directly his own family, the Sargassos, he adopted a disguise, infiltrated the ceremony and disrupted it, carefully avoiding the use of spells that his clan was best known for. It was that day the hero known as Grimoire was born. Months later a summoning spell mishap netted him his sidekick, the sexy felinoid being known as Felisomballa. They had become members of the hero team High Justice and for many years and performed countless heroic deeds across the globe, taking on villains of a magical and mundane nature.

But all good things must end. Felisomballa was corrupted against her will by those extra dimensional invaders known as the Tandians and betrayed High Justice, bringing them low just prior to an invasion. And then the Graves clan with Tandian aid raided House Sargasso, slaying many adults and capturing many children. Joseph found himself becoming Grimoire less and less as more and more familial duties were thrust upon him. When Annette, his clan’s leader, died, it led to Joseph becoming clan leader…Much to his chagrin…

Joseph was a very moral man, brave and intelligent. If he had one failing it is that he had never, ever been able to read women very well as he was blindsided by Felisomballa’s betrayal. He relied very much on a select cabal of men and women to aid him in running the clan. Due to the man fatalities among the male clan members certain duties as leader. were thrust upon him. While a younger man might have found such duties pleasant, Joseph considered it more as a humiliating chore and himself used as little more than a prize stud bull. That being said at no point did any clan members think less of him.

Joseph’s mastery of magic was vast, he was always studying the arts in all fields and disciplines. While in his younger days many of his clan found his disinterest in the manipulation of time and space to be failings he found the pursuit of other schools an advantage. He was never without an array of defensive spells and charms that might reduce his overall power, but insured that he remained alive.

Joseph Sagat Jr.

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