Master of Earth and Stone


Geomancer looks like a fit white male in his early sixties, heis often seen in expensive but conservative suits. As Geomancer or Leo he used to wear a suit of magical golden armor but he avoids combat whenever possible.


Artur Bergmann came from humble beginnings. The son of a miner and a mother descended from Gypsies but who had escaped the notice of the Gestapo, his father was drafted into the German army during World War II and managed to survive the war due perhaps to the charms his wife had placed upon him, to make his flesh like stone to his enemies weapons. Life was hard in post-war Germany and Artur grew to resent the Allied powers that controlled his once proud nation. At the same time he saw the gross fallacies of Nazism and realized that in this new world Capitalist ideals prevailed. He became a fortune hunter, a treasure seeker, and he found quite a treasure in the Amazon. There he discovered a suit of armor forged by Spaniards using a mixture of iron and magic gold. Exposure to the magical artifact awakened powers within him and Geomancer was born!

At first Artur considered becoming a hero but he decided that was just a foolish idealistic dream. No, he was out for himself and he turned to thievery, especially against the nations of the United States, France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union. He was quite good at it, too, glorying in the property damage he caused along the way. Over time he met like minded villains and Zodiac was formed.

Both incarnations of Zodiac had decent runs, but the race was over when the sorceress Annette joined as the new Gemini after the old one went to work for Lord Dread and died as a result. It turned out Annette being Gemini was apt as she was two faced and betrayed the team. Cancer, Pisces (also known as the vampire Der Nachtfuhrer), Libra and Taurus all died (although in the case of der Nachtfuhrer his fate is uncertain.) and Zodiac was destroyed. In the aftermath of “The Immortal War” Leo went to ground and became more of a power broker than a foot soldier to be beaten upon by super heroes. He criminal activities are more centered in Europe these days.

Geomancer has the ability to control vast amounts of earth, sand and rock, this includes concrete and asphalt as well as glass. He can caused the mass to fly through the air or he can create shapes like stone giants or giant hands. His experience is such that he can perform very fine acts of manipulation as well. Geomancer’s aging has slowed to a crawl and even though he is approaching a hundred years he barely looks like he is in his early sixties.

When times are desperate Geomancer wears a suit of golden armor that is remarkably light for it’s bulk, it affords him a great deal of protection from attacks and barely impedes his mobility.

Artur is a man of the world, he is fluent in German, English, French and Russian. He is well experienced in the ways of the underworld and is as comfortable in a Calcutta slum as he is in a Parisian five star restaurant. While he has had no formal training in hand-to-hand combat he can handle himself in a brawl. A punch delivered with one of his armored gauntlets can be especially painful.


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