Representative of The Galactic Confederacy


Glin is an attractive humanoid standing five foot six inches, using primitive Terran units of measurement. Her hair is brown as are her eyes, similar in hue to the color of the Terran females she met. She possesses a aesthetically pleasing frame that is equal parts shapely and athletic. Glin’s wardrobe is highly varied, she can appear in anything from a lovely formal gown of shimmering colors to utilitarian field blue and gold.

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Glin is an experienced Operative, meaning she has extensive training in linguistics and dealing with varied and “primitive” cultures. She is also trained in survival in a wide variety of hostile environments, is able to effectively barter and has an extensive knowledge of both primitive and advanced technologies. While not a technical expert she can shoe a horse (or whatever primitive beast of burden one may be employing) or jury-rigging a star drive. She is a competent pilot of a wide variety of vehicles and possesses a passing knowledge of various hard and soft sciences.

Glin possesses a device implanted in her brain known as an Augmenter. The Augmenter is a very primitive artificial intelligence that enhances her mental capacity, allowing her to retain the wide variety of information that may be deemed necessary to accomplish her mission. The Augmenter also records all her actions while on assignment, and if it judges that Glin might compromise her mission in any way, it may kill her. The manner of her death may be a simple disintigration of her body, or she may explode with such force she could destroy a city block. The Augmenter does not communicate with Glin on anything but a subconscious level.

Glin’s digestive tract and metabolism have been modified to be able to process a very wide variety of material, so it is very difficult to poison her.

Glin’s inherent power, the one that caused her to be recruited, is her ability to transmute and manipulate inorganic matter. She is able to perform simple tasks, such as disintigrate objects, or she can alter their state (i.e. water into ice or rapidly oxidize iron). Her favorite trick is to animate raw material into a humanoid form and use it to fight for her, as it tends to scare the hell out of primitives.

Glin possesses roughly the same strength, speed and agility as a normal Earth born woman in the peak of physical condition. Her hand-to-hand skills are comparable to a highly trained soldier. She is a competent shot with most firearms and she usually hits what she aims at, provided the range is relatively short.

EQUIPMENT: Glin has access to a wide variety of advanced equipment, although much of it is not top shelf, both for fear of it falling into primitive hands and the fact that The Office of External Relations does not have a very large budget. The clothing she wears is made of advanced self repairing, self cleaning material that is highly resistant to damage. She wears upon her person a force field projector that affords her a measure of protection. Likewise she also possesses a gravity manipulator that allows her to float, leap great distances and also increase the force of gravity around an opponent. The amount of gravity is limited, however, so the best she can do is mostly disable a single normal human and doing so puts a strain upon her power reserves, reducing the effectiveness of her force field.

In the field Glin may bring along basic survival gear such as portable breathing apparatus, glare resistant macro-goggles, analyzers, etc. Some of it can be mistaken for common electronic devices in some cultures.

Glin also possesses a universal translator, but it only functions when languages are programmed in to it. It is programmed with over two thousand intergalactic languages and dialects, but it is only programmed with English and French Earth languages, which she is already familiar with.


BACKGROUND: There is an intergalactic coalition of governments known as The Confederacy, and in this Confederacy there exists a small agency called The Office of External Relations. This agency’s duty is to deal with primitive cultures outside the Confederacy that may possess some resource, item or person of potential value to The Confederacy.

Agent Glin Chet’crebinel is one of their operatives.

Glin was born to a modest family on the world of Luamsdunn, a primarily agricultural world of little note. Glin was born with certain special abilities that were of value to certain agencies and she was drafted at an early age to cultivate these powers. Her parents were well compensated for their trouble. Glin’s psychological profile suggested she was an ideal agent for The Office. She was given modifications and training and apprenticed to an experienced agent. She proved to be a trustworthy and resourceful agent, aiding her superiors in a wide variety of missions until her apprenticeship was over and she became a full fledged agent herself. Over the years she dealt with cultures that ranged from the mundane to the utterly bizarre, with technologies ranging from the most primitive to those on the cusp of interstellar travel. One curious mission had her aiding a group of humanoid aliens from a planet at the edge of the galaxy that spoke of four aliens with immense power that when united would destroy the universe. Glin was skeptical but mental interrogation proved the aliens believed it to be so. Glin found the character, bravery and resourcefulness of these “Earthlings” admirable and against orders aided in their escape from Confederacy forces. As it turned out the Earthlings found one of the four, she was actually a member of the Confederacy Guard! Glin was exonerated, the Earthlings given aid in uncovering the other three.

Later, when it was discovered that an artifact of extreme power was possibly located on Earth, Glin was given the assignment to go find it. She was given some minor cosmetic alterations, outfitted with a standard field kit and sent on her way. After the success of her initial mission Glin was assigned full time to Earth as her government’s representative. While she has yet to find the artifact Glin’s position on Earth has been repeatedly extended, a situation that frustrates her to no end.


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