shape changing artificial being



Appearance: a genderless humanoid standing at six feet and weighing 200 pounds, it is close enough to human to trigger the “Uncanny Valley” response in people. He effectively appears like an animated manikin with glittering red eyes.



Demios has no clear idea of what its actual origin is. It refers to itself as ‘we,’ which suggests perhaps it is a colony creature of some sort. It adamantly refuses to allow any sort of scientific exam.

Powers/Abilities: Demios possesses strength that is above average for a human of similar size: he is able to dead-lift 250 lbs, and Bench-press 300 lbs. His speed and reflexes are comparable to a humans. His senses are also about human normal, although he also see into the infra red spectrum.

Demios’ principle ability is his near total control over it’s body. It is able change shape into anything of approximately adult-human volume, up to about 50% larger than human (It is able to accomplish this by “hollowing out” its form.). It can mimic anyone of similar mass and it can alter its pigment, and it is able to modulate its voice to sound like the person it is mimicking, but will still retain its red eyes.

In combat, it can manifest up to 4 additional limbs/tentacles for striking or grasping. It is a skilled brawler, and will not use weapons- beyond the occasional improvised club.

Demios is well aware of how disturbing it looks, and will use that in its crimefighting, attempting to terrify the bad guys by adding horrific elements to its appearance- scales, extra eyes, fanged mouths, etc.

Demios can consume any sort of organic material, but prefers to eat ‘human foods’ as a way of fitting in. When ‘off duty’, it tends to stay in its natural shape. It is apologetic to friends and neutrals about how it looks- it will often wear sunglasses to hide its eyes. It watches John Carpenter’s “The Thing” on a regular basis, and always cheers for the monster.

Demios’ body absorbs oxygen directly, so it can “breathe” underwater- and it can “hold his breath” for about 4 minutes in a vacuum or any sort of toxic gases.

Weak acids (vinegar, lemon juice, etc) make it drunk. Strong acids will do extra damage, as do toxins. It is less vulnerable to bullets and blades than a normal human, but will still be wounded. It takes no damage from impacts, as it has no bones or internal organs but a sufficiently powerful blow could still stun him. Demios is very durable and is able endure temperature extremes found in nature, but extreme cold can make him “brittle” and vulnerable to being broken. Demios is completely invulnerable to disease.


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