"Dee" Davis

Michigan Senator


Dee is an attractive woman in her early fifties, she is often found wearing stylish women’s suits during the day and fashionable evening gowns when she is out on the town.


Detroit (Yes, that’s her real name) Davis is a Science City native that was born to James Davis and Fara Azar, a Lebanese refugee. From an early age she had been interested in the law and social justice that initially had her consider a role as a defense attorney. All that changed when her mother was killed in a robbery and she decided what the world needed was fewer defenders and more aggressive prosecutors. Her passion quickly caused her star to rise and these days she is Wayne County’s chief prosecutor, a District Attorney with a fierce reputation. For years rumors have persistently followed Dee, suggesting that she has secretly worked with non-sanctioned vigilantes but no proof had ever been presented. However it is possible the rumors had aided her political career when she had successfully run for Congress and then later the Senate.

"Dee" Davis

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