Anthony Zhen

Head of the BPA


The son of Karma Doyle, Zhen was given up for adoption when his mother came to realize that her enemies might try to use him against her. Despite this Doyle remained a part of his life; she posed as a “friend” of Zhen’s foster parents, checking in on him often. Doyle had meant to tell him who she was when he became an adult but he figured it out by the time he was ten years old. This was the first indication of his uncanny ability to piece together seemingly unrelated facts and draw insightful conclusions. Doyle had been surprised at his deduction, even more surprised that he was not bitter. It turned out his second uncanny deduction had been Doyle giving him up for adoption in order to protect him. Of course there were hurt feelings; no child wants to feel abandoned. But Zhen was mature for his age and got over it. Besides, his adopted parents were good people and they loved him, and he loved them right back. Whatever Doyle’s shortcomings had as a Mother were offset by Zhen’s other parents.

Zhen knew he wanted to be a detective from age six, by the time he graduated Harvard with a law degree at age sixteen simultaneously with a Masters in Science in Criminal Justice from Boston University he joined the FBI’s Paranormal division. Immediately his talent was spotted and he became a Special Agent: Agent “I” for “Insight”. Zhen solved cold cases and cleared major ones, he was often called on to consult on cases that had stalled. He was always careful to insure his deductions were backed up with facts and evidence that could be used in court.

One day he and Doyle met in Hong Kong, there someone had planted a bomb. Zhen had realized what it was and grabbed his mother, throwing her behind a table and saving her life, albeit she was seriously wounded. Zhen himself almost died from wounds and it was a near thing. He had lost a foot and an eye. Since he was blown clear out the window away from his mother no one associated him with her. Zhen was hospitalized and during his recovery masterminded his Mother’s rescue from the Chinese government.

After his recovery Zhen returned to work, now with an artificial eye and prosthetic foot. When the FPBI became the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs Zhen handled the transition smoothly. Evidence got out about his association with his biological Mother but neither minded at all. Zhen’s career rose and became head of the BPA’s Science City branch, and then ultimately the BPA itself.

Anthony Zhen

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