One of the magical communities few known non-undead immortals, Annette was House Sargasso’s unofficial matriarch. Her exact age is unknown to all but a few of the senior members but it is known that she was born some time after the pre-Sargasso refugees settled in Ireland some two hundred years ago. Early on in life she was kidnapped by a vampire known as Klaus von Straunheim and made his dark bride. Her husband and others spent years tracking the vampire lord down, destroying his coven and rescuing her. In order to return Annette back to a human being, her husband sacrificed his life. The result of the selfless sacrifice was effective immortality.

It was also suggested it cost her part of humanity as well.

Annette is a powerful sorceress, especially in the fields of precognition, dimensional travel and teleportation. With her Foresight she sensed three dooms would befall Mankind and as a result she became a super villain known as The Seer and used various magical beings for her own ends. Later, she set about an aggressive campaign to create super hero teams. Under various guises and through the use of proxies she created Maximum Justice, which was destroyed by Tandian advance agents. She later created The Vindicators and other teams.

According to Annette The First Doom was the Tandian’s Extra Dimensional Invasion, which was thwarted in large part to The Vindicator’s involvement. It is unclear what the other two Dooms were; considering how many crises Earth faced in the following decade it could have been any of a dozen incidents. Annette is powerful and versatile, but she is not invincible. Twice she had to be rescued by The Vindicators,first from the Tandians, the second time from the Graves.

Annette had played a part in repairing the timeline but it cost her. Insuring the safety of her clan and the integrity of the timeline meant she had to travel back to 1999 and kill her younger self, then take her place. This would result in a closed loop; she died the day The Sentinels undertook their mission to save time. Even so it seemed she had no regrets. A member of her clan once heard her say “If I learned anything it was an endless life for the sake of self perpetuation is a pointless one.”


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