Annabelle "Annie" Voyant

Criminal Mastermind and Power Broker


Annie appears to be an attractive young woman of Korean descent, she likes to dress conservatively and appear responsible but it seldom hides her bubbly nature, one that especially comes to the fore whenever she is around super heroes. She has warm liquid brown eyes and straight dark brown hair she often wears up.


Left on the steps of Ste. Anne de Detroit Catholic Parish when she was just a baby, nothing was known about the origins of the woman who would be called Annie Voyant. She was raised in various Catholic sponsored foster homes and was a dutiful child, although from the beginning she held a fascination with super beings. She won a scholarship to attend Madonna University on a Criminal Justice program and then managed to secure a position as an intern in Mayor Gordon’s office, helping to consult regarding the formation of a new super team.

In a few scant years, however, it was obvious there was more to Voyant than met the eye. It was revealed she had her own agendas as well as a variety of powers over mastery of space and time. Voyant escape arrest by a few scant seconds and over time became a criminal mastermind and power broker, operating primarily in the areas of Science City where magic was strongest. No matter how good the intelligence and how effective the attempts to arrest her, Voyant always seems one step ahead of the police and avoids capture.

Annabelle "Annie" Voyant

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