Anna Amador

Head of the Science City branch of the BPA


Anna Amador is an attractive, tremendously fit woman in her forties with warm brown eyes and thick shoulder length brown hair she often wears in a bun or a pony tail. Standing 5’ 5", she is usually found wearing women’s suits with low heeled boots that allow her to more easily run and kick. Her most common piece of jewelry is a 70s era gold watch that has been resized to fit her right wrist, an heirloom from her grandfather.


Not every path to the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs leads through the gates of law enforcement. Case in point, Anna Amador had been a graduate student at Arizona State (Go Sun Devils!) specializing in Elvish studies (Arizona State had formed one of the largest programs of its kind in The United States), when her professor, Aster Bracken, was asked to consult on an archeological dig in Montana that implied there might have been an Elvish presence on Earth far earlier than the Elves had suggested. Anna was asked to come along to assist and she eagerly did so. What occurred was an adventure involving the awakening of what Anna termed an “ancient Elf clockwork murderbot” that went berserk and proceeded to attempt to kill everyone on site. Fortunately regulations required the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs have a presence at the dig and they engaged the robot long enough to allow innocents to escape. While this was going on Amador assisted Professor Bracken in deciphering pages from the “instruction manual” that was key in allowing the BPA agents in destroying the construct.

During he debriefing Amador was shown video of herself and Bracken and how cool under pressure she had been, and her intuitive grasp of Elvish that had been key in saving the day. She was met by BPA head Matthew Pathkiller who suggested she might fit in as a BPA agent. Anna was intrigued and decided to take Pathkiller up on his offer. After a grueling training process she became a full fledged agent, but by then Pathkiller had stepped down from his position as BPA head and been elected the junior Senator for Michigan. Nevertheless he put in a good word for her at the Science City office. Anthony Zhen recognized talent when he saw it and he quickly accepted her onto his staff. Over time she rose in the ranks until she achieved the prestigious position as head of Science City’s branch.

Amador is fluent in Spanish, Portugese, French (Formal, Quebec and Louisiana patois), and both high and low Elvish as well as conversant in Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi. A talented amateur actor, she is able to skillfully mimic almost any American accent from Boston to South Texas. She is skilled in the use of many conventional and unconventional firearms and took to the martial art Krav Maga as if she was born to it and has augmented her fighting style with kick boxing. She is an effective combat driver, able to drive both stick and automatic automobiles, motorcycles, as well as flying cycles and cars. She is also a member of the MIchigan BAR with a focus on paranormal law. She has grown into the role of leader and it is quite possible in time she will become head of the BPA herself.

Anna Amador

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