Aleta Hernandez

Awesome Industries Security Executive


Aleta is an attractive woman with dark brown hair and eyes, stands five foot five and possesses an athletic build. She prefers to wear, simple, functional clothing and loathes any event that might require her to dress up.


When you have a father like Hipolo “Hip” Fernandez one grows up hearing stories of intense combat in far away lands, and later of dangerous fights against super villains. And then you hear stories about working for super heroes in a huge mansion, being the guy who made sure they had a safe place to sleep at night. Aleta found the stories to be exciting and when she was old enough she decided she wanted to be an Army Ranger like her Dad.

Dad freaked out, of course. His little girl should go to college or pursue some sort of safe career. So Aleta compromised and entered college and attended ROTC. Upon graduation she entered the United States Army as a 2nd lieutenant. She became part of the “exotic warfare” program, which specialized in advanced surveillance and the use of small drones in scouting and combat. It was interesting work and her unit was often attached to military police investigations and aiding in recon work with Ranger units. When the operation began to form to liberate what was being called “Nazi World” Aleta immediately volunteered and even wrote detailed papers explaining how critical stealth and surveillance would be in the years leading up to the mission. She was one of the first people to be dropped “in country” in Mexico to help map out key Nazi installations throughout the United States.

By conflict’s end like many in the military Aleta felt disappointed and let down by the fact the job had been left half finished. She was enough of a student of history to know how easily the other side could rise up again. Also she had seen enough ugliness in the American South to know prejudice would thrive there. Disheartened, she considered a career change, especially after it was announced over the next few years there would be budget cuts.

That was when Maggie Auger approached her and other officers and soldiers. She was looking for experienced people used to the strange and unexpected and Aleta had a flawless record. Deciding perhaps it was time to move on, Major Aleta Hernandez tendered her resignation and joined Awesome Industries as a security specialist. Over the years she rose in the ranks and is now acts as a trouble shooter handling security problems at AI facilities across the Earth, Moon, and when necessary even Mars.


Aleta graduated from USC with a bachelors in electrical engineering. The United States Army expanded on that, fleshing out experience in computer science as well as giving her thorough combat training. Aleta is experienced with a wide form of handheld firearms and knives and has some experienced in hand-to-hand combat. She is an expert drone pilot and has considerable experience in forensic analysis of video footage and photographs.

Aleta is experienced in small unit tactics as well as criminal psychology, over the years she has accrued a wide variety of contacts from every strata of society.

Aleta Hernandez

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