Getting Around Science City

Being a major metropolis, Science City is serviced by numerous modes of public transportation. It’s bus service is one of the most advanced on the planet, with the vehicles being electric.


And being some of the most unusual looking.

cab companies, bus lines and in some regions an elevated train service. Science City also has more helicopters than any other city in the United States and it has a unique blimp tourist and ferry service to and from Windsor on the other side of the Detroit River.

One of the more unique modes of transportation, and the first sign of Spring, are the Sidekick Cabs:


Another unusual company is Cowled Cabbies, which is owned by Awesome Industries. CC’s drivers all dress in costume and have named like the “Masked Motorist”, “Secret Chauffeur”, “The Caped Coachman”, “Hackman”, “Daredevil Driver”, “Asphalt Avenger”, etc.

But despite all the modes of transport available to Science City’s guests and residents, getting around can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. When The Event happened entire neighborhoods were ripped away and that meant sections of roads. An attempt to rebuild said roads was out of the question; not only were some regions larger on the “inside” than the outside, a few of these places projected strange fields where electric and in some cases internal combustion engines did not work at all! As a result while some areas of Motor City are smooth sailing where motorists are concerned, others can be true rush hour headaches.

Getting Around Science City

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