Theodore Nostle

Mayor of Science City


Theodore is a while male in his early fifties, he has a pleasant smile but a nervous demeanor. He has well groomed brown hair that is graying stylishly at the temples and blue-gray eyes.



A political animal, Theo Nostle has been involved in Motor City-now Science City-politics for decades. He started off as a city councilperson from the region of Fraser and rose up in the political ranks, from City Clerk to Deputy Mayor. He was Mayor when The Event happened and has been ever since.

Theo’s success has been more due to his ability to spot talent; he has surrounded himself with a highly competent, self motivated staff that usually deal with problems before they even reach his desk. He is a competent mayor who favors a hands-off approach, meaning that under his tenure the City Council seems to run the city more than he does. Despite his failings Nostle’s has shown flashes of brilliance

Nostle is a borderline alcoholic who loves his scotch. His drinking problem is held in check by his Deputy Mayor and his wife, Doreen.

Theodore Nostle

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