The Clockwork Knight




Aloysis Royce AKA The Clockwork Knight

Aloysis- or ‘Al’, if you prefer, is the younger son of a wealthy family. He was born without arms or legs, but (thanks to his parent’s money) was provided with a series of high-tech wheelchairs and powered prosthetics to allow him to grow up relatively normal. A mechanical prodigy, by age 12 Al had generated several basic patents, revolutionizing the fields of robotics and cybernetics; his designs are used throughout the industry, making him incredibly wealthy. But he is also a terrible spendthrift, so most of his wealth is in trust, and can only be accessed through his assistant, Elaine. He’s also a bit quirky, so he finds it amusing to present his device as some sort of Steampunk technology. His cyborg portions are covered in polished brass, with mysterious gages, valves, gear trains, and other clockwork nonsense.

Aloysis’s abilities: His current prosthetic is a full-torso shell and limbs, leaving only his head exposed. The full torso means that he can lift and carry up to 10 tons, and could bench press 15. He can manage a sustained running speed of 55 mph, and can do short sprints up to 70. He can do a 35-foot horizontal jump, and a 40-foot vertical leap. He can manage short bursts of flight (up to 1 mile), but they burn up his batteries quickly: 2 flight bursts will disable him until he can recharge his batteries. The torso is highly resistant to small arms fire, with interlaced layers of teflex and duraweave. As the Clockwork Knight, he wears a helmet and visor. The helmet contains a radio, and the visor provides him with telescopic vision up to a mile away, and microscopic vision down to 100x magnification. His standard hands are as dexterous as normal hands. The right includes a set of deployable molybdinum claws that can slice through heat-treated steel, while the left has a taser that will stun a human target for ten minutes, or destroy most standard electronics gear. He keeps a second set of hands in a compartment on the torso- the right is nothing more than a block of tool steel which he uses for extra- strength punches. The left has a set of micro-manipulators that he can use in conjunction with his microscopic vision. Aloysis is a Public Hero, so his Civilian identity is known. His family has a fleet of top-end security drones (upgraded by Al himself) to protect them and their property.

The Clockwork Knight

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